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10 Bands Performing At LAUNCH 2016 That Are About To Blow Up

10 bands performing at launch 2016 that are about to blow upLaunch Music Conference & Festival is held each April in historic Lancaster, Pennsylvania and is one of the few events that combines a professional conference with a music festival.

The festival is known for fostering young acts and helping jump-start their careers. Evidently, each year, LAUNCH showcases nearly 200 artists from all over the country.

Below are 10 bands performed at LAUNCH 2016 you should check out before they get any bigger.

1. A Scent Like Wolves

With three releases under their belt, the Pennsylvania metalcore band aren’t slowing down anytime soon. While listening to the band’s songs, people wouldn’t expect to be greeted with screaming vocals. A comment on the band’s Bandcamp page reads, ” Its all American rejects mixed with the depths of hell,” and this is exactly what they are. The band’s songs are punchy, and not like your typical metalcore band. To hear more from A Scent Like Wolves, you can purchase a CD here.

2. Glass Mansions

The female-fronted electro rock band are preparing to take the world by storm with their pulsing synths, smooth vocals, and high bursts of energy. There is a current wave of glam rock emerging, and Glass Mansions stand out with a sound that merges electronic vibes like those in Cobra Starship, with harder rock’n’roll elements. Being different has its perks, and Glass Mansions are a sure force to be reckoned with. To hear more from Glass Mansions, you can purchase a CD here.

3. Face Value

It’s no secret that the Midwest has a high saturation of pop-punk bands. Face Value, however, show off their Baltimore roots with songs that are a bit more pop than they are punk, and this is what makes them so catchy. If Panic! At The Disco started off as a pop-punk band, they would sound a lot like Face Value. To hear more from Face Value, you can purchase a CD here.

4. Oceans Over Airplanes

Oceans Over Airplanes describe themselves as a “Heartfelt Midwest Rock” band. With a sound that is heavily influenced by traditional rock music, and infused with more contemporary sounds, the Illinois band have a mature sound, despite them being together for a few years. With their punchy melodies and snarky stories that beg listeners to keep listening, this band are destined for something great. To hear more from Oceans Over Airplanes, you can purchase a CD here.

5. Modern Diet

Modern Diet are one of those hidden gems that span through several genres. Their sound is a mixture of indie rock and R&B that, when paired together, create a smooth guitar-heavy sound that flows smoothly. Modern Diet’s music closely resembles that of Pinegrove with their intricate and mesmerizing instrumentals layered over their soft, passionate vocals. The band are also really good at branding themselves and sticking to the same color schemes, which is always a plus. To hear more from Modern Diet, you can purchase a CD here.

6. Nevada Color

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania indie poppers have a knack for pairing their bellowing out vocals with high-energy sounds. A band with a name like Nevada Color would be expected to have some small-town, Southwestern vibes going on, and they definitely do, hidden between each line of their songs. To hear more from Nevada Color, you can purchase a CD here.

7. Firestarter

Albany-based pop-punk band Firestarter are an energetic and passionate bunch. Their upbeat guitar riffs and heart-on-sleeve lyrics leave listeners begging for more. The band may not be that well known in the music scene, but they are definitely the next big thing in the pop punk world. To hear more from Firestarter, you can purchase a CD here.

8. Approaching Troy

Following in the Long Island shadows of bands such as Brand New, Bayside, and Taking Back Sunday, Approaching Troy are on a mission to make their mark in the New York music scene. The band’s music is reminiscent of early Rise Records bands, with heavy songs driven by intricate melodies and blaring pop punk and hardcore influences. To hear more from Approaching Troy, you can purchase a CD here.

9. No King For Countrymen

With their classic alternative-rock sound, seamless punk-rock hookery, and burning on-stage presence, the band are quickly paving their way for success. The band’s sound is reminiscent of early Boys Like Girls music, with classic alternative sounds that are all-too hard-hitting. With music that is purposeful and compelling, the Ontario band are going to go on to do great things. To hear more from No King For Countrymen, you can purchase a CD here.

10. Coast To Coast

If you haven’t heard of easycore yet, you’d better keep up – it’s the next big thing. Coast to Coast are an EZ band from Nagoya, Japan who have opened for bands such as Neck Deep and PVRIS. Their feverishly catchy shout-back vocals and half-hearted sing-a-long verses are emphasized by twinges of clean and heavy vocals. Their punchy breakdowns are just what one would expect from an easycore band. If there’s one thing for certain, it is that Coast to Coast are just getting started, and they’ll soon be playing shows on every coast. To hear more from Coast to Coast, you can purchase a CD here.


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