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10 Songs By Female-Fronted Bands That You Need To Hear

Tay JardaineUnfortunately, despite the progressions we’ve made with sexism in the music industry, we still have a long way to go. Because of this, female fronted bands are often not taken very seriously. The music scene usually tends to expect them to conform to some ridiculous notion of having to be these risque and scantily dressed pop acts. Apparently woman are not allowed to form rock bands and play music that is apparently “male.” Despite this notion, you get waves of females that defy this so-called social norm. Here is a playlist of female fronted bands that give social norms the finger.

1. Halestorm – The Strange Case Of… “I Miss The Misery”

Powerful voice? Check. Blistering guitars? Check. Hard as hell rock ‘n roll sound? Check. This massive hard rock song hits you right in the gut from the opening guitar riff. Lzzy Hale’s vocals are powerful enough to not be drowned out by the guitar  This is hard rock’s answer to the Riot Grrl punk movement

2. Best Coast – Crazy For You “When I’m With You”

Have you ever imagined what a ’60s styled melody would sound like when given over to a female-fronted garage rock band? What you get is Best Coast. “When I’m With You” is this gritty, grungy, yet soaring sounding song that makes you think of a warm summers day spent cruising with friends.

3. Fine Fine Titans – Omega “Dance Of The Omega”

Post-hardcore is not a genre that seems to attract many female vocalists. They are few and far between within the genre. Jennifer Bartlett of Fine Fine Titans however, stands out with her sultry yet incredibly powerful voice. She is able to shift from an angry screamed vocal style to more angsty and seductive styled unclean vocals. She lures you in with this song and plays with you like a puppet master.

4. The Dirty Youth – “Alive”

The frontwoman’s name is Danni Monroe. That is pretty much an open invitation to her being a woman of extreme strength and, dare I say, sass. She delivers “Alive” with the perfect balance of a aggression and delicacy that floors you with its awesome power. This is a song that your raise your fist and leave it there like some salute to her strength.

5. Tonight Alive – The Other Side “Lonely Girl”

Pop punk is a genre that is rife with female vocalists, so it is often difficult for these female-fronted bands to stand out. Not a problem for the Australian rockers Tonight Alive. Lead singer Jenna McDougall delivers intelligent music infested with catchy hooks and thick guitar riffs. Her voice is formidable and perfectly delivers angry lyrics about leaving behind people that bring you down.

6. We Are The In Crowd – “Sic Transit Gloria… Glory Fades” (originally by Brand New)

Tonight Alive’s American rivals are the equally catchy We Are The In Crowd. Delivering an equally infectious pop punk sound they have secured a niche within the scene and have recently finished playing a string of shows at Slam Dunk in the UK. In this song, the ever-so beautiful Taylor Jardine (my Woman Crush Wednesday) does post-hardcore legends Brand New justice with a brilliant cover a classic song.

7. Paramore – Riot! “Misery Business”

What would a list about female rockstars be without the legendary Paramore? Hayley Williams is one of the most recognizable frontwomen in the world. Delivering gutsy pop punk since she was 16 and stealing hearts at the same time. “Misery Business” sees her in her element, pretty much issuing a big middle-finger to somebody’s ex.

8. The Donnas – Spend The Night “Too Bad About Your Girl”

The Donnas are one of those modern Riot-Grrl esque styled bands: a band that embodies all the best qualities of pop, punk and hard-writing hard rock. Skaters would be familiar with this song due to epic skating film that is Grind. Overall this is a brilliant and upbeat song that showcases… well… girl power.

9. The Ting Tings – Sounds From Nowheresville “Hang It Up”

Katie White embodies the concept of an obscure frontwoman. Her vocals leave a lot to be desired, yet at the same time you can’t help but love them. Couple her grating vocals with the obscure blend of punk rock, hip hop and indie rock and you have what could possibly be one of the greatest songs ever.

10. The Dollfins – I’ll Do Want You Want Me To Do “I’ll Do Want You Want Me To Do”

Welcome to South Africa:  where the people are weird, in a good way. This is the country where garage rock, indie and punk meet to form the upbeat insanity that is The Dollfins. This is a band whose lead singer refers to herself as Pussy Slap. Do you get cooler? No? Thought so.


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5 Thoughts to “10 Songs By Female-Fronted Bands That You Need To Hear”

  1. Craig Roxburgh

    Thanks! Dead Sara made my original shortlist of 20 but lost out to The Dollfins.

  2. El Dondorachi

    Here’s a whole bunch more:

    The Agonist
    Animal Alpha
    The Animal in Me
    Bastard Fairies
    Battle Beast
    Bif Naked
    Black Moth
    Butcher Babies
    The Commander in Chief
    The Creepshow
    A Day For Honey
    The Dollyrots
    Drain STH
    The Gathering
    Gin Wigmore
    Guano Apes
    In This Moment
    Infected Rain
    The Joy Formidable
    Landmine Marathon
    The Letter Black
    Mask of Judas
    The Material
    Melissa Auf Der Maur
    Monsters Are Waiting
    My Ruin
    Nico Vega
    The Pretty Reckless
    Schoolyard Heroes
    Sister Sin
    Skunk Anansie
    Snake River Conspiracy
    Sparrow And The Workshop
    Stitched Up Heart
    Stolen Babies
    Straight Line Stitch
    Tilly and the Wall

  3. Craig Roxburgh

    Looks like I am going to have a weekend filled with hunting down some of these bands.

  4. Shane

    You can’t forget about Icon For Hire, or Flyleaf, or Eisley 🙂

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