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3 Tips For Growing Your Fan Base

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Ahh! Real MonstersMusicians are always looking for a way to grow their fan base: shows are much more fun when you have hundreds of eyes looking at you, rather than a couple sets of eyes and some crickets in the back; More people are purchasing your product, which means more money; and people start recognizing your face around town (you’re famous). I have compiled 3 tips for growing your fan base as a musician:

Get The Word Out: How do you get your fans to help you get more fans? This is the common question that all musicians face. We all know how the contact tree works in the case of the flu or a cold, how do we make this same effect on our fan base? Keep your fans informed with what you are doing. “Hey guys I hope you are having an excellent Saturday. Check out my YouTube cover of ‘somewhere over the rainbow.’” This is how you create a buzz: fans like to see what you are doing when you aren’t releasing music or playing shows. They will relate to you more and talk about the little things you do/say day in and day out. This goes true with promoting your upcoming shows. More times than not, they just didn’t hear about it or if they did, they didn’t come because it was too late and they couldn’t get work off.

Pay Your Respects: Your fans will increase your success as a musician. They are the ones that buy your music, merchandise, and tickets. They will help you eat at night, and as much as they love supporting you and helping you out, they want to be appreciated for their appreciation. How many of you have ever dreamed of getting called on stage to sing “Hey Jude” with Paul McCartney, or a similar scenario? I know I have. Make sure your fans are reminded of how much they mean to you and what impact they have on your life. People like to be appreciated, it makes them feel like they are a making a difference in someone else. Whether it is shouting out at a show, or posting a status on Facebook, make sure your fans know they are loved.

Organization: So often, I think musicians lose site of the fact that your band is your business. All musicians would love to make their artwork a means for putting food on their table, and in order to do so, it is important to treat it as your business. It is pertinent to stay organized in all aspects of your business: set practice schedules; set times to rehearse on your own; revenue/assets; promoting; etc. Above all, it is extremely important to organize your success line- this means setting goals for how many fans you wish to acquire in x amount of time, or how to get x amount of fans to come to this show. This is a way to track your hype and create action plans around reaching your goals. You may not successfully hit your goals every time, but you will see small instances of success if you stick to your plan, with the intent of creating a large amount of success later on.

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