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5 Best Hardcore Bands Coming Up In Spain

Left In The Wake Being English, living in Spain and singing in a band hasn’t come without its obstacles, but it’s been during this time that I have seen, what was a fairly good music scene die a death due to the crisis. It’s hard to get people out to see local bands as the stereotypes about national bands are as poisoning as they have been in any country and for any scene.

I have, always been a strong believer in the fact that a handful of bands can break those stereotypes if only they can get the recognition as a good band in other territories. My aim with this top 5 is to give the bands that I feel deserve more a platform to say “We’re sick band and we’re available for weddings and bar mitzvahs”.

5. Hummano – This band are awesome, very tight live and take themselves less seriously than most bands. Their vocalist is half American so the lyrics are well written and are usually about partying (think Attila but less hectic) they’ll be playing Resurrection fest this year too!!

4. Vita Imana – I’ve only seen this band once but they have been going a long time and have quite a big Spanish following, Their live shows are awesome, they use lots of percussion and have that old school Soulfly, Slipknot, throwdown feel to them, if you get the chance to see them live it’s worth it.

3. Against the Waves – We’ve played with these guys a lot being from the same city and they are great to watch live, being a 6 piece band (keyboard, 2 guitars, bass, vocals and drums) it can be difficult to get that right live but these guys do it perfectly and are currently working on a new album in America, for fans of bands like KSE and As I Lay Dying.

2. Dawn of the Maya – These guys have been touring nationally and internationally for a while now and have started to pick up a good pace. Made up of 4 dudes and a girl they have a unique sound unlike any other, mainly down to a single guitarist, keyboards and the vocalists very distinct vocals. A band you have to hear and come to your own conclusions about when it comes to genres.

Thirteen Bled Promises – Survivors of the deathcore bands that died out here a few years ago and going stronger than ever. The band have, what I think is essential if you’re going to play death/core/ metal, a fucking sense of humour! They base most of their lyrics around alien invasions and have some ridiculous break downs, worth a listen if you like balls out metal.

Left in the Wake are a 5 piece metal band from Madrid, Spain. You can check out more on their Facebook, purchase a CD of their new album, The Banner We Follow, and buy concert tickets here.

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Angela Mastrogiacomo

Founder of Infectious Magazine & Muddy Paw Public Relations. Lover of passion, ice cream, and books.

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2 Thoughts to “5 Best Hardcore Bands Coming Up In Spain”

  1. ronaldreagansucks


  2. No you’re right, Aggressively distorted bluescore with subtle tones of Grind, pukecore and speed death-bludgeon….

    bellow is the real definition of the word and I think you’ll find they all fall into the category quite well, especially the Porn part.

    noun: hardcore

    the most active, committed, or doctrinaire members of a group or movement.
    “there is always a hard core of trusty stalwarts”
    synonyms: diehard, staunch, dedicated, committed, steadfast, hard-line, dyed-in-the-wool, long-standing; More
    extreme, entrenched, radical, intransigent, uncompromising, rigid;
    “a hard-core following”
    antonyms: moderate
    popular music that is experimental in nature and typically characterized by high volume and aggressive presentation.
    pornography of a very explicit kind.
    “hard-core porn”

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