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5 Los Angeles Bands You Should Listen To Now

los angelesFrom Sunset Boulevard to Capitol Records, Los Angeles serve as the home base for some of the most important names and recordings in music history—a daunting and dizzying beat. Here’s a list of five up-and-coming Los Angeles acts you should check out from this musical mecca.

1. De Lux—Voyage: “Better At Making Time”

 A wash of atmospheric synth textures and woozy vocals, “Better At Making Time” is a killer introduction to Los Angeles’ most exciting, new band, De Lux. The duo’s debut single is a seven minute twist of toxic disco beats, its chorus sounding like a stolen bootleg from a hypothetical James Brown and Talking Heads collaboration session. The single is a synth-led nova that shows no signs of weariness in the elusive newcomers, or as it treks past the seven-minute mark. Continue with the cowbells, boys.

2. FIDLAR—FIDLAR: “Cocaine”

“And all I want for breakfast is my good cocaine,” barks Elvis Kuehn on this new single from the skate-punk quartet FIDLAR. Thankfully, the track is far from its strung-out main character—a huge burst of brutalized drum rolls, stuttering Strokes-indebted garage guitars and edgy riffs clocking in just over seven and a half minutes.

Added bonus: the single’s official music video features Nick Offerman, best known for his role as Ron Swanson in the smash-series, “Parks and Recration”. Enjoy!

3. Holy Folk—Motioning: “We Are Two”

The debut LP of Holy Folk is all about flow. First single “We Are Two” locks into a meditative groove of percussions and supercharged piano jabs, riding a burbling sound locomotive of acoustic guitar sweeps. It’s light as air—a sun-kissed collection of spacious and addictive folk-rock.

4. The Black Ryder Buy That Ticket, Take That Ride: “All That We Can See”

“All That We See” finds The Black Ryder frontwoman, Aimee Nash, doing an uncanny impression of Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval at her most invigorated. But the single is in every other way, the quintessential essence and non-replicable product of this innovative, genre-mashing Los Angeles duo—packing in everything from the dark twang, syncopated beats and doom-and-gloom guitars. But all the layers and complexity melt away when Nash hits the chorus, purring out: “I’ll stop when I should go/ I will find my way to you.”

5. Wildcat! Wildcat!— Zappruder Collection #1: “Mr. Quiche”

“Get out the way, out the way, I’m a cannonball,” as Los Angeles indie-pop trio Wildcat! Wildcat! heads straight to the dance floor with its leading single “Mr. Quiche”. A straight shot at Top 40 hits, its three minutes of sonic house rhythms and crystalline pop, complete with massive hooks, skippety garage beats and pulsating percussions as the group gallops their way into the uncharted territory of lust and unrequited emotions.


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