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5 Songs That Should Have Played At Your Prom

512px-Wrist_corsagesIt’s that time of year again. Florists are making corsages, limos are being rented and tuxedos laundered. No, those teenage girls running across town in strapless dresses probably didn’t rob a Macy’s (but maybe they did). It’s just prom season.

Even if prom seems like ancient history, some memories can’t be forgotten, no matter how hard you try to repress them. Chances are good that your prom sound track was composed mainly of whatever was playing on the radio at the time. But what would a playlist that actually reflected the highs and lows of the evening look like? Here’s a guess.

1. Glad You Came (The Wanted Cover) – We Came As Romans (Fearless Records 2012)

You’ve just arrived, and you’re still in a good mood. Your date is there, and so are your friends. No one is drunk, or fighting, or doing anything too embarrassing yet. You have high hopes for the night, and this cover of The Wanted’s pop hit by We Came As Romans from Punk Goes Pop, Vol. 5 hits that upbeat tone just right.


2. White Knuckles – Five Finger Death Punch (Firm Music 2007)

A fight breaks out somewhere. It might not be between you and your date; it could be your friends arguing about whose house to go to afterwards, or whether to have photos taken. Prom is a combination of hormones, formal clothing, and dancing- how could that not result in conflict?


3. Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) – The Offspring (Columbia Records 1998)

At some point in the evening you realize that you’ve never really danced. Ever. But prom isn’t every day, so you try to make the best of it. Just do what you’ve got to do, even if it isn’t pretty, and The Offspring are the perfect band to communicate that message.


4. Slow And Steady – Of Monsters and Men (Universal Republic 2012)

The flowers on corsages are beginning to wilt, and everyone’s feet hurt. Slow songs make a fantastic excuse to put your head on someone else’s shoulder for a moment. No, you’re not sleeping- you’re just being romantic.

5. Say Goodbye – I Killed The Prom Queen (Metal Blade Records 2007)

Have you tripped anyone on the dance floor yet? Overdosed on spiked punch or spilled chocolate fondue on the prom queen? It’s probably time to call it a night.

This girl has the right attitude.

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