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5 Songs You Must Hear Before April Ends

5 Songs You Must Hear Before April EndsSometimes the world of rock can get noisy and chaotic, as hundreds of hopeful up and coming acts, alongside music legends, release new material each month. Don’t fret about filtering through it all though. Here’s a list of five song releases in April that you should listen to before the month comes to a close.



1. The Both—The Both: “The Gambler”

Singer-songwriter Aimee Mann and former hardcore punk Ted Leo are at seemingly opposite ends of the noise spectrum. But what started as a few playful walk-on sets during the pairs co-headlining tour, has spurred a long-term partnership between two of music’s most distinct names.

“Gambler”, the opener of The Both’s self-titled, debut album instantly shelves any hesitation or concerns about the collaboration, as Leo’s fiery guitar licks fuel Mann’s earthy vocals through the power pop ballad’s hooks, where the duo belt in harmony: “You’re a gambler in need/ You’re a gamble indeed.”

2. Sunny Day Real Estate—“Lipton Witch”

Just proof that Record Store Day rules. As a half of a split single with Circa Survive, emo rock king, Sunny Day Real Estate unveiled its first new song in nearly 15 years. It’s a powerful and raucous storm of drums and guitar sledge that serves as an early and great 20th anniversary present to commemorate the group’s legendary 1994 landmark Diary.

3. Plague Vendor—Free to Eat: “My Tongue Is So Treacherous”

Frontman Brandon Blaine’s razor-sharp scream slices through a layer of abrasive guitar reverb in the first 25 seconds of the blitz track “My Tongue Is So Treacherous”—capturing the reckless exuberance of Plague Vendor’s debut album. Confident and self-assured, the California punk quartet execute a tightly wound catalogue of aggressive, in-your-face rock for its debut album Free to Eat.

4. Black Label Society— Catacombs of the Black Vatican: “Angel of Mercy”

With 16 years in the music industry and eight studio albums under its belt, Black Label Society has maintained its image and status as a classic, heavy metal band. Yet, in its latest effort, The Catacbombs of the Black Vatican, the group’s standout moment comes not from its signature hardcore, head-banging guitar riffs and grungy vocals, which serve merely as a safety net for the rock veterans. Rather, it is outside the group’s comfort zone, in the slow, melodic ballad “Angel of Mercy”, that the California metal heads’ true and honest star power is revealed.

5. Cloud Nothings—Here and Nowhere Else: “I’m Not Part of Me”

“You’re not what I really need/ Now you could just leave me on my own” Dylan Baldi yelps in the middle of Cloud Nothings latest single, “I’m Not Part of Me”. It’s the sort of catchy hook that will have listeners cracking up and singing along as Cloud Nothings charge through this musical victory lap.


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