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5 Songs You Must Hear Before August 2014 Ends

August 2014Sometimes the world of rock can get noisy and chaotic as hundreds of hopeful up-and-comers and experienced legends release new material each month. Don’t fret about filtering through it all though. Here’s a list of five song releases in August that you should listen to before the month comes to a close.

1. Iceage: “The Lord’s Favorite”

The first release from Iceage since last year’s Wounded Hearts has all the hallmark heavyweight punches of the Copenhagen punk quartet’s previous material. Jagged, rickety guitar riffs? Jive drums? A woozy sense of nostalgia? All present and in full, proper form. But frontman Elias Rønnenfelt’s lucid and raw vocals (I look into your eyes/ This is hard, bewildered stare/ Part of me wants to hurt you) and churning industrial guitar progressions hint at a darker undercurrent of doom and gloom for the group’s forthcoming work. We’re excited.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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2. Alt-J—This Is All Yours: “Every Other Freckle”

English math rock trio Alt-J know that the true soundtrack to the panicky buzz of young love and lust isn’t bubblegum pop and falsetto-riddled soul, but rather a taste of jagged and disoriented rock. And fortunately “Every Other Freckle” strikes the right balance for the latter, walking the tightrope between moody synths, wiry guitar lines and full-out fuzz meltdowns.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

3. Happyness—Anything I Do Is All Right: “You Come To Kill Me”

South London trio Happyness has been one of the best discoveries from this year’s summer tour and festival circuit, blasting out a knockout array of lo-fi, surfer-rock, ‘90s-based hooks and breezy symphonies. Happyness’ latest release “You Come To Kill Me” – a bonus track on the group’s upcoming EP—continues to spread the joy. Kicking off with a whirl of Pavement-styled guitar swipes before trampling through a jungle of high-speed riffs, the single thrives in its straightforward edge, but it also incorporates enough humor below the surface to have listeners coming for more.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

4. The Wytches—Annabel Dream Reader: “Digsaw” 

Album opener “ Digsaw” is the first glimpsee into the year’s most mystery-drenched group’s bubbling cauldron of psychedelic rock. Wytches vocalist, Kristian Bell sounds aggressive and brass as he sings out, “You spin and you wind through the canyons and find/ that you span right back where you started,” over a fury of strutting drums and guitar trembling. The new album has once again brewed up quite the buzz for the English three-piece outfit—yet, their success remains underpinned by an unspoken knowledge and acceptance that the group has still yet to peak.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

5. The Color And Sound—Peace of Mind: “Cigarettes”

Straddling post-punk and campfire folk, The Color and Sound is a wildly experimental collaboration that results in a loud and captivating sound. The Boston six-piece spent most of 2013 honing its catalogue for the re-release of its debut The Spring tour EP, but now, with the ink still drying on their recently singed deal with Black Numbers, The Color and Sound release the first warning shot of their second album. “Cigarettes” is a loud, high-energy slab of punk-folk, but the group manages to maintain a sense of intimacy and closeness between the loud and thudding drums and guitar charges with perfected harmonies and raw vocals.

Listen here.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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