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5 Things You Need To Know Before And During Your Stay In The Studio

StudioKnow Your Music Before You Even Walk Through The Door

As simple as that sounds, a lot of bands seem to make this mistake frequently. You need to know your parts if you want your band to sound good and produce quality music. Have your whole band practice to a metronome to find the tempo of your songs, get familiar with your songs, and listen to your band mates’ parts and make sure they fit with your parts. If you just play a whole bunch of random stuff and have a whole bunch going on, it is just going to sound like a wall of noise, and you are going to get frustrated with your friends/band mates. No one wants that. The better you know your music, the faster you will get out of the studio, and the less you will have to pay for studio time.

Make Sure Your Songs Are Finished Before You Enter The Studio

Make sure your music is finished before you even think about setting up studio time with your producer/audio engineer. The last thing you want to do is tell your producer, “I have this song, but it is not finished yet. Finish it for me?” This will not only waste your time but money as well, and most likely will make the producer hate you. You definitely do not want to have the person mixing your song(s) hate you and not be passionate about making your music sound amazing. A good way to speed up the process is to send demos to your producer/audio engineer, so they can get an idea of what they are dealing with and help think of cool ideas for your songs.

Bring Your Gear And Your Necessities

Make sure you have all your gear that the producer told you to bring. Bring your own food and hygienic supplies. Nobody likes a studio that smells like a swamp.

Take Criticism Well

Learn to take criticism, especially from your producer and band mates while in the studio. Take the advice they give you and critically think about it. Your band mates and producer want to make an amazing record, so if they think that a guitar riff or drum fill sounds bad, you need to suck it up and change your part.

Have Fun, Make Music You Like, And Be Creative

We cannot stress how important it is to have fun while in the studio. Some of the best ideas can come from having fun, so use some down time. Make sure your heart is in your music because if you don’t put 200% of yourself into your music, your listeners will know. Do not be afraid to pitch ideas either because those creative ideas are what can make a great album.

Drop the Act are a pop-punk band out of Pennsylvania, who will drop their next album, ‘Let’s Plan A Robbery’ on April 30th, 2015. You can check out more on the band, purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here

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