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5 Ways To Schmooze In The Music Biz

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Sol CatEverything you’ve ever wanted to know about making it in music business from Sol Cat. You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets  here, and check out tips, along with their new video after the jump!


1. Eye Contact- People in the biz don’t care about your career. They have a career of their own to worry about. What they do want is a band with some brass. You have to show them that when they sign you up for a city wide festival that ends up being two families shooting at each other from opposing sides of a river in Alabama, you won’t lose your cool. They want to know that you can handle an unpredictable lifestyle like a boss. The quickest way to make this known is eye contact. Stare that suit in the eyes and don’t let up. If they seem unmoved, try being more seductive.

2. Scars- All the fat cats love to talk about experience. When they start to overwhelm you with stories of building bands into million-dollar-a-night acts and how they recorded epic albums with epic people, pull out a few scars. If yours are cooler you win! Boom!

3. Bring Swag and Clout- Be the peacock, man. If you’re a newcomer, fake it. Being the man is infectious and people will be naturally compelled to help you along your way if you carry in the right manner. Confidence is the only way to avoid being roadkill.

4. Magic-As any young musician knows, actions speak louder than words. Here’s one that usually works for me. Gently cup your new associate’s left buttock, and make sure you’ve remembered to bring a Susan B Anthony coin. Pretend as if you pulled the coin from their rump and show it to them with a smooth gesture. This demonstrates for them your astute sense of grace.

5. The Awkward Hug-The last tip is easily the most effective. If you don’t know someone at all, you may run into some awkward situations. Why not get all of that out of the way first thing? Instead of a handshake, walk right up and hug them. Stare them deeply into the eyes for the entire hug. If they look away hold fast until they fall victim to your glare. With that out of the way you have nothing left but the opportunity to be great chums and make each other some greenbacks.

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