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6 Song Pre-Show Playlist 2014

Music-Concert-CrowdI have certain songs that I listen to before I go on stage. I really try to get myself pumped up and in the zone to do the best I possibly can and inspire my audience. The songs I close are always the ones that get my adrenaline up and to make me crazy. Check them out!


This song is one that you wouldn’t usually think would be on this particular playlist. Although it starts off kind of slow there is a beautiful build that leads to the powerful chorus. I think of the chorus as a powerhouse.


The reason this song is on my playlist is mainly because the lyrics. The lyrics of this song inspire me so much. I definitely can relate to the lyrics in this song.I also love the build of this song because even though it is on the mellow side it still has an emotionally dramatic build.


This is one of my all time favorite songs of 2014. When I hear this song or just the melody of this song, it inspires me to write more of my own music. This song is truly a well rounded and well written song. From the lyrics to all the instruments used, it is a huge song.


This song, I think, is definitely one of the most popular songs of 2014. Ariana is one of the biggest breakout artists along with Iggy Azalea. There is so much of their personal style written and sung into these songs that it is ridiculous to leave this song out of my Pre-Show playlist. All of the high ad libs and extra things in the song really get me pumped up and hype.


Again, this song is one of the best of this year by far. He is singing about situations relatable to all artists and people in general. The reason I added this to my playlist is because the lyrics are so powerful, that even just reading the lyrics with no melody, gets me so pumped up and ready to perform.


I just had to add this to my playlist because it is such a powerful speaking, loud song. It’s build to the chorus is just insane. Again, like all other songs in my playlist, the lyrics speak for itself and are extremely powerful. When Ariana starts singing the chorus it just makes me want to jump on stage and perform. I honestly find myself singing this song all the time, even if I’m not about to get up on stage and perform. I can definitely say that this is one of my favorite songs of the year.


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