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7 Christmas Songs To Listen To This Season

It’s holiday time! The Christmas trees are up, people are opening presents left and right, and Christmas music is playing through every store.

We’ve compiled a list of new Christmas songs for you to listen to while you’re getting some last minute gift wrapping done, while you’re driving over to see family, or while you’re sipping on some hot chocolate.

1. Julien Baker “Decorated Lawns”

This season, Julien Baker released a new single titled “Decorated Lawns.” The song is featured on Jingle Yay!, Punk Talks’ first ever holiday-themed punk compilation album. Baker is a fantastic storyteller and she’s able to push her narrative further on this song. The story about moving back in with her parents and feeling like a stranger in her old home.

“I loved you more than I hate me,” she sings as holiday bells jingle in the background. The track features the singer-songwriter’s classic acoustic guitar and mellow vocals. The song is tender and nostalgic, yet heartbreaking at the same time. You can listen to the song through 36vultures here.


2. Jeff Michaels “Green ‘n Red”

Let’s talk about Jeff Michaels for a moment. Michael is a singer-songwriter based out of Boston who releases a new Christmas song each year. This year, he released “Green ‘n Red” accompanied by an adorable animated lyric video.

The song was inspired by the recent political events happening America. “One of the things I’ve learned time and time again is that music has the ability to heal, and this year it seems our little country needs a lot of healing,” Michael’s said. The song reminds us to let things go, if only for holiday season, and think about all the good things we have.


3. Joy Autumn “Christmas With You”

Joy Autumn has this striking maturity to her voice that makes her seem just a little bit out of her time. In a good way, of course. Autumn just released a 4-track holiday EP aptly titled Merry Christmas. On it, she features an original song titled “Christmas With You.”

Her pleasant voice features just the right mix of charm and light-heartedness. “Let’s open our hearts, open our arms, to all of our friends who are in need,” Autumn sings while she plays an upbeat tune on the piano. “Oh, won’t you spend Christmas with me?”


4. Night Argent “Cold (Carol of The Bells)”

Night Argent re-released their 2015 song, “Cold (Carol Of The Bells)” this holiday season. The song was intended to spread awareness for those less fortunate. So remember to help those who need it–those without food, shelter, or warmth.

“Christmas is here bringing good cheer to young and old, but I’m just cold,” vocalist Chase Manhattan sings, reminding us about what the holidays are actually about: giving.

The band are giving away free downloads of the song over at their website, so snag a copy before it’s too late.


5. Katie Garibaldi “Tomorrow Is Christmas Morning”

Do you know that feeling where you just want to get back home for the holidays and you’re feeling extra melancholic? Well San Francisco singer-songwriter Katie Garibaldi’s latest single, “Tomorrow is Christmas Morning” is a folksy song about wanting to make it back home in time for the holidays.

“I know you wish that I was home and I do, too,” Garibaldi sings alongside sleigh bells and holiday chimes. “Tomorrow is Christmas morning and I am in love with you.”


6. Knox Hamilton “The Man With All The Toys”

Earlier this month, Knox Hamilton premiered their cover of The Beach Boys‘ “The Man With All The Toys” on Conan O’Brien’s Team Coco. Claiming that “The Beach Boys Christmas album deserves more recognition than it gets,” the band decided to bring the song back to life and release a cover of it.

The band have a fresh take on the classic 1965 song. Vocalist Boots Copeland displays a striking falsetto that goes along with the song perfectly. And honestly, this cover was too good not to include on this list!


7. Settle Your Scores “Xmas Exile”

Ohio pop-punks Settle Your Scores released a snarky Christmas song called “Xmas Exile.” The track is about not being able to find any holiday cheer. “This Christmas there’s only gonna be one thing on my wishlist I hope I never see you again,” they sing in all their pop punk angst. All proceeds of their song will go to Hungry For Music, an organization that provides free music instruments to underprivileged children.


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