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ALBUM REVIEW: Justin Goodrich ‘In Between The Panels’

The first time I met Justin Goodrich was inside of Milly’s Tavern in Manchester, NH. We’d talked via social media a bit, and set up an in person interview so I could finally see what all the buzz was about with this emerging New Hampshire artist. I’d been doing interviews for a while, but I still remember as soon as I walked into that room and we said our first hellos, I couldn’t shake this nervous feeling. You know the one. It’s the feeling you get when you know someone…

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Justin Goodrich-Hard Rock Cafe

It’s no secret that Infectious Magazine loves acoustic musician Justin Goodrich. There is something charming about not only the man behind the music, but the music itself. As patrons pile into Boston’s Hard Rock Café, and Goodrich takes the stage, I’m faced with a pretty sizeable crowd. Familiar faces, and soon to be fans, the Hard Rock is anything but desolate on this Friday night. Audience interaction is high as he kicks off his performance and makes sure to include them in humorous jokes, and personal anecdotes. Throughout his 45…

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Justin Goodrich-A Revenant Affair

Hailing from Boston’s FNice Records, comes 24 year old Justin Goodrichwith a fresh, new sound- one which you don’t generally find within the clubs of Boston. Through the release of his third album, A Revenant Affair, Goodrich captures his audience in a most unique way, while demonstrating his innate musical ability. With each track, Goodrich’s voice brings a captivating new level to his music-a territory well covered by melodic guitar and beautifully incorporated keyboard. It is almost as if he is serenading his audience. With lyrics such as “”Deeper in…

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Check out the full online photo gallery from HIM live at the House of Blues Boston after the jump and purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here. All photos by Justin Goodrich. Please follow and like us:

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Show Review: Garbage Boston, MA

Garbage are at a unique point in the typical life span for a band of their stature. Nearly two decades and five albums in, some may begin to expect a “going through the motions”, “reunion tour” vibe to their performances. The fact that they remain at all is a testament to the ambition of the group, which began essentially as nothing more than a studio project for members Butch Vig, Duke Erikson and Steve Marker. But when they took the Boston House of Blues stage on March 26th, they began…

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