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A Skylit Drive Holding Open Auditions For Guitarist And Bassist

A Skylit Drive is looking for a new bassist or guitarist and they might want you! InOctober they announced that their rhythm section bassist Brian White and drummer Corey La Quay were leaving. A new Instagram video of their drum kit seems to suggest that they found a drummer, however, they are holding open auditions to find a new guitarist or bassist. If you are interested, upload your video to Youtube  and e-mail the link to Hope to hear YOU as the new member of A Skylit Drive.

Read the audition request after the jump.

Despite still looking for a new bassist, the band is releasing their upcoming album, Rise: Ascension  on schedule. The album will be released January 6 via Tragic Hero Records. If you preorder the album here before Thursday, you will receive the album before Christmas.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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One Thought to “A Skylit Drive Holding Open Auditions For Guitarist And Bassist”

  1. jen

    I personally hate the direction asd is heading I now COMPLETLY understand why Cory la Quay and Brian White left. I loved this band for the synth and “fake” drums. if I wanted to listen to real stuff Id listen to Miss May I, one of my favorite bands, because they sound awesome doing it. But, I dunno if asd is a band id EVER go and see again. They were my favorite especially since we’re both from lodi and I’ve listen to them since Adelphia. I recently found this amazing new band called Myka,Relocate I thnk they are the new asd for me now.

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