Album Review: Anchor & Braille “The Quiet Life”

If there is one thing this album projects, beyond all the musical nuances and carefully placed harmonies, it is pure, raw, uninhibited passion. The keen musicianship and energy can be easily heard in each new track that plays and with every new experience, you feel it. This album, this band, they’re a true labor of love and that kind of fervor is ever more difficult to come by these days. I simply can’t get this album out of my head.

Inspiring lyrics that intertwine with melodic harmonies, electronic dance beats leaving behind haunting tempos, Anchor & Braille’s latest work of art, The Quiet Life, is truly diverse in all it has to offer.

The album starts off strong as “Goes Without Saying” opens the album, giving way to whimsical overtones and “anything is possible” sensations. With this central impression carrying throughout the album, it isn’t long before I stumble across my personal favorite, “Knew Then Know Now”. It absolutely exudes inspiration and feel good vibes in a way that every audience can not only relate to, but also grow from.

Throughout The Quiet Life we are continually transported between the calming sensations of acoustic finesse and 80’s influenced splendor similar to the likes of New Order and current day electronic bands like M83, to create one beautifully tied together album, which is, very simply, overflowing with zest.

Beautiful. Uplifting. Inspiring. There’s nothing like it….this album is truly one for the record books.

Do yourself a favor and pre-order the album, which drops July 31st via Tooth & Nail Records here.

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