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ALBUM REVIEW : 18th & Addison – ‘Makeshift Monster’

18th-ADDISON-Press-Photo-secondary With humble beginnings, forming in 2013/2014, the New Jersey acoustic duo Tom Kunzman and Kait DiBenedetto of alternative rock band 18th & Addison set their sights to bring something new and unique to the ever growing music industry. From formerly playing alongside pop-punk musician, Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory and What’s Eating Gilbert, DiBenedetto met Kunzman and from a few acoustic sets, the band 18th & Addison was formed, bringing both of their musical backgrounds into something new and collaborative.

Having a debut EP under their belts, 2015’s Little Parasites, the duo set out to bring Makeshift Monster, their full length 2016 release to life which was released this past summer on July 15, 2016.  The album, containing 11 strong tracks, plays out as a fully entertaining and complete alternative rock album as rock and pop-punk influences combined with rich melodies launch you into each and every song.

The lead single, “War”, brings in a heavy element of pop rock, and is catchy to it’s core with striking guitar riffs and energy. Another personal favorite from the album was the track “All and Everything”, as the lyrics stood out immediately to me, and compared to the others on the album, this track showcased the diversity that this band can possess with their music.  The dual vocals by Kunzman and DiBenedetto are seamless, extremely effective and are potent complements to each other and to the music, making it for a fun and unique listen, especially with the acoustic track of “Fix Me”.

Overall, this album is a lot of fun for any pop-rock lover, feature tracks that you can’t pass up would be “My Old Skirt”, “Postcards” and the beautiful closer “Under The Water”.

Take a listen below, as fans of Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory or even We Are The In Crowd would dig this album and the style of 18th & Addison. Stream the full album, Makeshift Monster below the jump via Spotify, or purchase the album here and make sure to follow 18th & Addison via social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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