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ALBUM REVIEW: A Fire With Friends ‘Ghost House’

A Fire With Friends Scranton, PA indie rock band, A Fire With Friends, have released a new album entitled Ghost House. This is their third release since forming in 2008, and Ghost House is a pretty happy medium from the band’s previous two records. Every now and then, I do enjoy listening to music that isn’t full on rock, and I found A Fire With Friends to be a band that is easy to jam out to, while still maintaining a versatile sound that suits fans of various genres. In this day and age, an album that can appeal to fans of multiple genres is just downright impressive. 

With most bands, the more members you have, the more apt you are to run into conflicting ideas and sounds. But this is not the case with A Fire With Friends, which consists of seven (wow) band mates. As is seen throughout all of Ghost House, A Fire With Friends combine heavy lyrics with a smooth sound. With lyrics like, “Keep the Hell away from me and go, Sell out my name to all those leeches,” (“Astronaut,”) you’d think that this was a really angry song, but the overall melody is surprisingly pretty!

From the song “Elizabeth,” which has both the guitar riffs and the classic piano, to the instrumental title track, mixing different elements together gives A Fire With Friends a distinct sound that really sets this band apart from others in the indie scene. I would recommend Ghost House to fans of The Fray, Arcade Fire, and even Kings of Leon… That just proves how diverse these guys are.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here. Check out a track from their previous works below.

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