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ALBUM REVIEW: A War Within ‘Believe’

CD100_outLooking for intense vocals, fast beats, and hardcore mixed with EDM? Look no further than A War Within. The band originated from Detroit in 2014 and from that point on, they’ve ascended from the bottom to this year’s tour with genre heavyweights Miss May I and Blessthefall. Their first album kicked off their career and their sophomore album, Believe, promises fans that the band can only go up.

“Promises” kicks off the album by throwing out some electronic sounds to back up the band’s heavy introduction. From there, the songs continue to grow and play off of it. The lyrics hit hard and the way both the screams and growls mix together create a delightful vocal track. Each song echoes this mix of screams and growls together, which brings the band back to core of what their genre is.

One of my personal favorite tracks is “A New Hope”. The song’s mood switches dramatically, which bring out a lovely contrast to the piece. It starts out intense and with electronic sirens blaring in the background to create a sense of urgency, and then it takes a quick break to slow down for a moment before building back up. Leading into their next song, “Mirrors” doesn’t waste any time diving right into a thrumming beat that leads into a hard hitting chorus.

Each track takes a unique part of the band and creates an intricate sound that makes up one fantastic record. From “Betrayal” to “The Hunter and The Lion”, each song defines the group as a force to be reckoned with. If you like Palisades or Blessthefall, you’ll be certain to enjoy A War Within.

A War Within is on tour! You can buy concert tickets here. Believe is out on March 8th. You can purchase a CD here.

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