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ALBUM REVIEW: Acoda ‘Yours To Defend’

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AcodaIt has been proven English bands can pack a wallop. This has been seen in the form of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and, on a smaller scale, rock heavy hitters such as Enter Shikari and Bring Me The Horizon. England has once again delivered in Acoda of Northamptonshire, UK. The group’s latest work, Yours To Defend, shows promise and talent.

The album opens with the roaring “The Future Is Yours To Defend.” The vocals are crushing and pull the listener in. Also shown is some technical instrumentation which establishes early on that the band is also inventive.

In “The Ludovico Technique,” more clean vocals are thrown in. It is a positive result: while the lyrics of this song are pessimistic at times and discuss troubles, there is no moment where any vocals seem “whiny” or desperate: a complaint often made against the genre. The lyrics are made to be poignant, but not overbearing sonically.

Throughout the record, the instrumentation is used as a way to express the change in tone between aggressive unclean and polished, clean vocals. While it is a familiar tactic by the middle of the release, it is still effective and keeps the pace even and consistent.

While there are familiar elements vocally, Acoda prove they are not poster-children of post-hardcore. This is evident in several songs driven by skillful guitar (“Two Of A Kind,” “V For Ventriloquist” for example) and a lone instrumental track: “A Fire In A Cold Place.” It is a soaring, enjoyable ride despite a lack of vocals.

Acoda know their genre and stick to it consistently in this record. However, they have means of showing they are inventive and different from your average group. If given even more room for creativity, and continuous willpower, these guys could be very well established.

You can check out more of their music, purchase a CD, or buy concert tickets here.

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