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ALBUM REVIEW: Amberline ‘The Art of Reinvention’

AmberlineI like to think that pop-punk is my area of expertise. It’s the music I listen to the most; the first genre that ever made me want to listen to music all day, non-stop. I love hearing something that I can picture being played live. I love trying to imagine an audience’s reaction and how the band would play off of it. Listening to The Art of Reinvention, I think I have an inkling of how that would go.

The perfect battle-cry for pop-punk lovers, “I’m a Grower, Not a Show-er” is encouraging, fun, and plays off of bitter emotions in a way that makes it difficult not to want to go to a live show and stand by the amplifiers just to have your face melted off by the volume, and to scream along with all the group-vocal parts.

“Years Gone By” keeps up the pace of the EP, and consists of fast-paced guitars, drums, and even vocals. Each line seems to come flying out of the speakers, like a Blink-182 track, which I daresay adds to the enjoyment. “When All Else Fails” is just as entertaining as each track before it, and the chorus is so easy to fall in love with.

Slowing it down a bit, and allowing listeners to catch their breath, “The Lost and Hopeless” brings the energy down, before launching in to a more steady breakdown. The introduction itself is well-executed, but then you add in each line, so carefully delivered, and this song stands out among the rest, showcasing Amberline’s talents beautifully.

“Here Comes The Colonel” is brilliant, if not just for the military-marching beats that are part of the introduction. There is a vocal back and forth that makes this song. It’s impossible to resist. This song was made to jump up and down against a barrier to.

“Fingers Crossed” starts off with an approach that doesn’t automatically tickle my fancy, but when the vocals come in and the music changes to sync up, it’s easy to see why Amberline chose this as the track to finish the EP off with; it’s strong enough to do so.

Amberline’s The Art of Reinvention is excellently done, and a great pop-punk EP. It’s definitely worth a listen. My one nit-pick is that I wish I could hear what these all sound like live with a crowd. A live track needs to be recorded, because I can see this going down well with an audience involved. Hell, I may even attempt to catch the show myself.

You can stream the full EP, purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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