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ALBUM REVIEW: Autocatalytica Self-Titled Debut LP

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The Brooklyn-based “psychomaniacal, spazzgazm of progressive-math-metal-mayhem,” opens with the track “Oxygonical.” It’s a textbook thrash song. We’re supposed to listen and have a sense of violence and mayhem and, in that regard, the song succeeds, but does so in a way that every other thrash-metal coattail rider has done since Anthrax: lightning fast guitars, lightning fast bass drums, lots of cymbal crashes and a front man that can scream his head off about something. 

Although the title of the track shows some promise, the group throws a wrench into the works and switches up from Big 4-style eardrum crushers to Dance Gavin Dance style guitar work. The group does throw in some eighties inspired power ballad vocals in some parts, which show off the pipes lead singer/guitarist, Eric Thorfinnson could flex. The track is better than “Oxygonical,” but now I’m left confused as to what this band is trying to accomplish. Good guitar solo toward the end of the track, though.

After “Thunder Squirrel” comes “Russian Pharmaceuticals” which is easily the best song on the album. It’s just a solid track through and through. It’s the first song of the album to have a distinct style and ethos without being some weird genre confused mess. If only the group would have stuck to this style for the entire album. I wish I could say more about this song but it’s just, simply, good. Worth a listen for sure.

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Zachary Sweeney

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