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ALBUM REVIEW: Avalon Landing ‘Reside’

Avalon LandingThe first word that comes to mind when I finish listening to Avalon Landing’s new album, Reside is emotional simplicity. There is nothing unexpected,  but it is calming, mellow, even. It is the kind of music you put on when you need get homework done, or when you need a day to relax on the couch. While listening to the album, I can honestly say I never disliked any of the songs—but I didn’t fall in love with any of them either.

I have said in other reviews that great music gives you some sort of emotional response. It doesn’t have to extreme, but just for a moment it takes you back to a long forgotten time and place. I never had that type of moment listening to Reside, but I do understand how someone could. After all, everyone responds to music differently, which is one of the beautiful things about it. 

The songs that created an impression for me were “About Face,” “Rest in Peace,” and ” Floorboards.” True to their style, Avalon Landing has a strong piano component to their music, which I would love to see explored more.

I also felt that the vocalist and the music were competing for the listener’s attention. For me, lyrics and music are equally important, and for some songs on the album it seems that one component was overwhelming the other. That being said, I am impressed there was not a song on the album that I didn’t enjoy.

You can check out their music, purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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