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ALBUM REVIEW: AWOLNATION ‘Megalithic Symphony’

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AWOLNATION USE THISAWOLNATION has hit the music industry like a glass of water on a hot summer day. With a refreshing style and sound, it’s hard not to notice the artist.

Following a very brief introduction (the title track), “Some Sort of Creature” is a fantastic narrative, accompanied by a quick-paced collection of lyrics, with stunning melodies. Despite being so short, it really packs a punch.

“Soul Wars” is clever, quick, and sharp. With the “hoo-rah” attitude, along with the vocal melodies at the end, this would be the best song to put on the end of a work-out playlist…or any event where you want to spike up energy, then slowly wind it down.

The vocal talent displayed on “People,” as well as the lyrical talent, is startlingly well-done. If this track doesn’t end up on commercials, in movies, et cetera, my worry for the industry will only increase. Something about this song is so amazing, and note-worthy. It may be my favorite track on the album. It makes me want Jack’s Mannequin and AWOLNATION to go on a tour together, just to hear them collaborate. Can we make this happen?

“Jump On My Shoulders” takes on an edge that acts as a stunning display of variety for the AWOLNATION. I love the lyrics, which are incredibly catchy, as well as inspiring. If you’re looking to teach someone about what it means to support others and be happy, or even how to have a long-lasting relationship, this may be the guide. This song reminds me, in a lot of ways, of a child; happy, and wanting to make everything okay for others, even if that’s only possible in an ideal world. The chorus itself is so wonderful. It’s got stomping, group vocals, and essentially everything to make it one of the best tracks I’ve heard in a while. This is what people need to hear, not about Bieber’s latest slumber party, or breakup, or whatever he sings about (please pause for the angry mob of Beliebers).

Contrasting to the happy-go-lucky nature of “Jump On My Shoulders,” “Burn It Down” seems like a battle-cry, a song for someone desperate to rebel. It’s reminiscent of the ’80s in the most wonderful sense. If this is what anarchy sounds like, I give it an A +. “Wake Up” is very similar in the ’80s-esque energy of the song. With a leather-clad, bad-boy-walks-into-a-bar attitude, accompanied by a boppy chorus, this song is the ultimate Starburst Song—a “juicy contradiction.” “All I Need” would make Freddie Mercury proud, make Elton John want to buy a new funky costume, and make audiences lose their voices from singing along too loud. It’s classic sound makes it a great lead into the end of the album.

“Guilty Filthy Soul” has clapping, great beats, and, no pun intended, a soul. This should be at the beginning of any film that pans in over a city skyline, and I mean any. Crowds will love every minute of this track, and will be quick to participate in the clapping, and stomping, while also standing in awe at the impressive talents brought to light. “Not Your Fault” is another great example of a party/crowd-jump-enducing song.

“Kill Your Heroes” hasan undeniable, infectious energy. With clever lyrics, a narrative, and an encouraging message, there’s no way to hate this song. AWOLNATION is making it impossible to pick a favorite track. Essentially, you’ve got to kill your heroes to make your own story.  It’s the soundtrack to your next epiphany.

Following a very short interlude (“My Nightmare’s Dream”), the top-40 single, “Sail” began. While it’s a very well-made song, I daresay that it pales in comparison to some of the other tracks featured on Megalithic Symphony.

Knights of Shame” is cute, fun track, and easily the longest on the album, but masters the art of not boring everyone to tears; an opus for the ages!

For those of you looking into the deluxe version of the album, every demo, live track, remixes, et cetera, is a brilliant addition that cannot be missed. But don’t take my word for it, check it out!

You can check out more of their music, purchase a CD, or buy concert tickets here.

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