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ALBUM REVIEW: Beatrix Players ‘Words In Lemon Juice’

Beatrix Players 'Words in Lemon Juice' albumIn similar fashion to Kate Bush, Tori Amos, and PJ Harvey, London-based trio Beatrix Players bring together vocals with epic piano and cello in a way so powerful, you will become entirely engrossed in their newest EP, Words in Lemon Juice, set to release June 19th. Described as “dark melodies to tell [their] stories of real life and fantasy, influenced by a love of film scores and classical composition,” these ladies embody the sound of indie folk, classical, and pop with their new 5-track EP.

As a personal fan of classical music,  “Walk Away” was an incredibly captivating beginning to the album (though I would say the same for the entire album). The way in which lead singer Amy White’s voice not only combines with the instrumental elements of their music, but also her amazing vocal range demonstrated throughout the album (especially in “Elsa”)  is so engaging and beautiful. Thanks also in part to pianist Jess Kennedy’s harmonious assisting vocals, and so much more, there is not a single thing about this EP I didn’t like.

These ballads are so much more than ballads though. While each song has incredible intensity and intrigue that will  keep you enchanted in Beatrix Players’ music, they also have a dash of their own flair individually. Whether it is the repetitive nature of “Walk Away,” the incorporation of interesting percussion in “Goodnight for Now,” or the more uptempo sound of “Ophelia,” it is these small but compelling additions that make for a memorable track, and ultimately a memorable album. And if the first four tracks weren’t enough, final song “Sail the Sea” undoubtedly adds a final dose of fascination to the album with its … well, I truthfully don’t even know what to call it. It is a quick, jazz-like tempo that you’ll just have to hear for yourself; I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Every review I’ve come across for Words in Lemon Juice is a positive one, and I wholeheartedly agree with those reviews. This EP is fantastic and invigorating; the fact that it is self-produced by the women themselves is simply the icing on the cake. Well done, ladies – Words in Lemon Juice is officially on my album wishlist.

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