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Beta StateOver the course of time, music has taken multiple twists and turns in numerous directions. One thing has always stayed the same: the feeling you get from it. When that song comes on during a drive, and all you can think about is that moment, and your heart swells with emotion, or you’re on a run and it comes blasting through your speakers, making you feel invincible. That’s what music does. It produces emotions in us that we may have forgot we could feel. It builds us up, it breaks us down, it strips from us every misconception we have about ourselves and forces us to just be; to just listen. Beta State has unlocked this formula on their new album, #Friendship.

“Weightless” starts the album, and is a pleasant surprise to my ears. It’s filled with emotion and is an energetic, powerful song that takes a declaration of love to a new level. Matt McDonald’s vocals are impressive, booming with strength, making the song even more infectious.

“Start a Clean Slate” has an edge to it reminiscent of the pop-punk sounds from 2003, with an anthemic chorus. The lyrics are well-thought and string together perfectly. There is something raw about the song, from the fast-paced guitar presented by Ryan Hernandez, or the heart-pounding drum solo from Adrian Robison, it’s impossible not to love this track.

“Stronger Than Gravity” follows along in a very similar vein, with this same inspirational feeling that only music can give you. It’s the kind of song that should play at the end of the movie, that leaves you with a feeling of hope, an adrenaline rush that makes you want to go out there and chase something just because you can. The bass ringing in your ear (courtesy of Justin Kastner) only adds to the feeling of fight that swells up as the music pounds on. This is arguably my favorite track on #Friendship, because there’s something to it that I connect to; this is how music is supposed to sound.

With a slower, but no less entrancing tone, Beta State begins “When I’m Too Weak To Know,” which, like “Weightless,” raises the bar for what a love song should be. It’s sweet, it’s rhythmic, it’s got a sense of tangible emotion that adds beautifully to the album. Towards the end, it builds and builds, before finally reaching the final, booming chorus, finishing it off perfectly. “Wait For You” starts off similarly, though it continues in the same tone. There is a bittersweet feeling to the track, and it’s sure to tug at more than a few heartstrings.

“Stay Awhile” is further proof that Beta State know how to write songs about love—something consistently written, sang, even thought about—and do it in an original way. Much like “Wait For You” and “Nobody Knows,” there is a desperation in the lyrics that clearly translates musically.

“Into The Lights” is the kind of track I can practically see live, that will have people running in circles, jumping with excitement. With catchy hooks and group choruses, I can only expect that the fan response to this will be brilliant, especially with the amazing guitar solo that promotes shock and awe, honestly.

In a moment of pure conflict, I find myself debating if “Carry You” is my favorite song from #Friendship, because it’s hopeful and it’s beautiful; there’s an air to it that encapsulates the album’s name. It seems to stand in place of a title track.

“Human” is brilliantly energetic and unabashedly honest. My only complaint? Too short!

Overall, Friendship is a true accomplishment by Beta State. It’s catchy, it’s lyrical-perfection, and to be honest, there’s just something about it that I can’t put words to. There is something about it that I, as a listener, just sincerely enjoy.

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