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ALBUM REVIEW: BoyMeetsWorld ‘Do What’s Best For You’

BoyMeetsWorld“You know you’re a ’90s kid when…” Among countless other reasons, you definitely know it when you see the name of the band BoyMeetsWorld and immediately think “Cory and Topanga! Mr. Feeny!” To be entirely honest, seeing the name, I expected a throw-back sound from the group, “The 90’s: Modern Context!” Once again, expectations don’t always match up with reality.

Following a quirky instrumental introduction, “Where The Hell Is Douglas” truly sends the EP on its way. It’s a cute song, that has a high-school feel to it; a boy wanting to run away with a girl. Despite the intense feeling of “We belong together,” it has such an innocent context, it would be difficult to find the track as anything other than endearing.

“Girl In Front” is a favorite. Maybe it’s the speaking parts, the “Woo!”, or the Taylor Swift reference (that almost seems mocking—love it) that make this ridiculously enjoyable for me, but there’s no way you won’t sing (and speak) along too.

“Head Up High” has more of an edge to it, as well as a pleading tone. Its quick pace helps it blend with the rest of the EP, but the bridge truly makes this song. The vocals, later accompanied by group vocals, are perhaps a little bit stronger here than on the tracks that come before it, which make it very likeable.

BoyMeetsWorld take it to the next level with the bittersweet “Beauty On The Outside Doesn’t Mean Beauty On The Inside.” Despite the sad context, the guitar would still make you want to jump at a concert, and, like its predecessor, the song has strong vocals and a character to it that is impossible to resist.

Not one to leave you hanging on a melancholy note, the band gets the energy back up with “Right Where We Belong.” With a heavier instrumental, impressive (and catchy) group vocals, this is the perfect end to the EP.

Overall, the Do What’s Best For You EP does exactly what a good EP is meant to; gives listeners a quick peek at what to expect from the band, as well as giving you something to listen/dance to.

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