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ALBUM REVIEW: Carbon Tigers ‘The Wars at Home’

Carbon Tigers
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For a band I had never had the pleasure of being introduced to before, Carbon Tigers knocked me off my feet with their EP, The Wars at Home. An EP can be a defining factor for many a band; will they land on your iPod or will they be just another thing Sara Anne likes on Facebook that you take no notice of?

“Everybody Else” provides a narration filled with metaphors for how people try to float through life, and seems to hint at the fact that sometimes people give up, not due to a lack of interest, but more a lack of perseverance and confidence. Add in the sounds of the “wind” howling in the background, and the song has a somewhat whimsical, dreamy feel. The instrumentals on the track are stunning, with chords that are bound to be trapped in your head for days.

Continuing with the eclectic sound, “The Wars at Home,” the title track of the EP, is easily one of my favorites. It’s so catchy, and showcases the perception of Carbon Tigers, who have brilliantly captured the emotions of people, especially the younger generation who are still working on growing up. Bonus points for the fantastic drum parts throughout the song!

“Ishmael” was a track that I looked at with uncertainty, but that’s what made it so special. People dig their own graves, and make their own mountains, but they also find a way to survive the bad. It’s concepts like this that build “Ishmael” even further into its perfection. The lyrics read like something out of a novel (most likely found in Barnes & Noble’s Philosophy section), and the transitions of each instrument are cleverly arranged to make the song a great addition to the EP. “We were gonna change the world with no right./We were gonna change the world with no time,” a voice sings softly at the close of the song. It’s the line every person can feel in their bones, and it may just solidify the brilliance of the song.

“Queen” is hauntingly beautiful, in a striking, almost-alien way. Despite being so soft in the introduction, it packs a punch within the first minute. When the guitars and drums come further into the song, providing an edge, the entertainment factor only increases. This would be the kind of track that would probably go over well live, sending chills up and down people’s spines.

Finishing off the EP as strongly as possible, Carbon Tigers launch into “The Harvest,” a song that, almost in a pun-like state, matches the mood of autumn fantastically. It’s provocative, edgy, and haunting. In some ways, this would be the perfect track for a horror/macabre style film, with a bit of intrigue and romance involved, even something like the cult-classic The Lost Boys.

Overall, The Wars at Home is a refreshing work of art. Carbon Tigers have produced something that they should be exceedingly proud of, and something that should help them make a name for themselves, because goodness knows it will make an impact on your iTunes playlists.

You can check out more of their music, purchase a CD, or buy concert tickets here.

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