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ALBUM REVIEW: Chambers ‘Inner Room’

3df667889a1d4ba9865995f2ecb605a4_400x400Having never heard of Chambers before writing this review, I wanted to hear what they had to say about their own sound.

They describe themselves as realizing early on that they all had strong, but very different voices and instead of trying to conform their different styles to each other, made it into their strength.

By this description alone, I could already tell, they create magic.

Chambers started in 2012 in Denton Texas by members Judson Valdez and Chase Johnson, when after being backing musicians for a friend’s band, they discovered their creative styles were very similar. They added Johnson’s sister Piper and their friend’s sound engineer, Daniel Pelletier to complete their sound. And the results are extraordinary.

My first mind blowing introduction to Chambers was the fourth song on their album called “Make It So.” I wasn’t attracted to the lyrics as much as the way the song was composed. Piper Johnson sings lead vocals with the other band members joining in creating a heterophonic sound. It was one of the most interesting things I have heard.

Though this album is short at only 9 songs, every song has a different feel. Most of the songs have a similar intro to a handful of rock songs, but that doesn’t matter because the combination of these chords and the way the band members overlap their voices is completely unique.

The first track on the album, “Not the Same,” has a similar feel to Young The Giant with slow, almost wispy vocals by Piper. For this track, they overlap with perfect harmonies on certain words, and it has a way of making them stand out. This vocal harmonization carries throughout the album and is probably the connecting tissue that holds the album together. What makes these harmonies so distinctive is the fact that none of the band members try to sound like each other. They let their own voices shine through, making their harmonies almost dissonant in places. This is the first time I have ever heard something like this be done.

Whereas “Not the Same” reminded me of Young The Giant, the fifth track, “Hymn #2,” could easily be a track on one of Lana Del Rey’s albums, except for the addition of the enchanting harmonies that I now crave. The chords have a dark, yet uplifting feel. While Piper’s voice is quiet and breathy the reverb makes her voice sound more direct. This imitates Lana perfectly, until the harmonies come in. At that point Chambers yet again creates a sound completely exclusive to this band alone.

Chambers has created this sound flawlessly and effortlessly. With the precise harmonies of a choir, they’ve created magic.

You can purchase a CD here and buy concert tickets here.

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