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ALBUM REVIEW: Cory Branan ‘The No Hit Wonder’

Cory BrananAs I sat in the tiniest of Philadelphia green rooms with Cory, he promised me that on his upcoming album, The No Hit Wonder, there would be something for everyone. “There’s a lot of weird stuff on there, but it’s good,” he assured me. With a natural predisposition to southern gentleman of the musical variety, I was inclined to believe him. What he didn’t tell me was that those songs were going to knock me flat on my ass. As any Lucero fan can tell you, “Cory Branan’s got an evil streak …and can play the wildest shows.” What impressed me most when I first gave The No Hit Wonder a spin, it took these songs that I didn’t even know, but was floored by when I saw them live, and made them even better.

The album starts with the upbeat, “You Make Me,” which features the ever talented Jason Isbell. With piano parts that make “Sweet Home Alabama” sound like it was written by some damn yankee, Cory proves that returning to his Mississippi roots was one of the smartest decisions he’s ever made. But the proof doesn’t end there, it’s artfully wound through each and every track. Listeners will be struck be the, dare I say, toe tapping, “Sour Mash” featuring Tim Easton. The song achieves a timelessness; Had this album been released 30 years ago or 20 years from now the greatness and relevance wouldn’t move an inch. Branan has managed to take a very specific sound, like the one found on “All The Rivers In Colorado” (featuring Caitlin Rose and Austin Lucas) that leaves you with images of Wrangler jeans and honky tonk bars, and make it universal. I don’t doubt for one second,that this album will be embraced by Cory’s decidedly NOT country music traditionalist fan base.

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