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ALBUM REVIEW: David & Olivia ‘On The Sea’

David & Olivia USE THISSetting sail with their debut Night Owl Recorders EP, David Rosales and Olivia May, known simply as David & Olivia, come together to bring us On The Sea, a collection of sad but sweet modern day Americana love songs. Taking no chances straight away, the album begins slow and soft with Rosales’ surprisingly gritty voice declaring that every now and then he could use a friend, akin to the stylings of a “Who’s Loving You” in its classic sounding down-tempo waltz, giving you the feeling of comfort in something familiar, but not necessarily original. Moving briskly into the bubbly, banjo laden “Finally Fine”, May shares with you the butterflies she gets in her stomach, finally feeling fine with you by her side. Resurrecting again a more classic tone, Rosales leads “Key To My Heart” in with a Johnny Cash-like country guitar-pickin’ intro, and an impressive baritone vocal delivery. My personal favorite moment on the album comes with “The Weather Change,” wherein May explores the dark and sad places she finds herself residing, while finding solace in the oncoming change of weather she feels in her bones leading her to find newer, unscathed territories of life. 

Throughout On The Sea, Rosales and May back each other up in their respective choruses, though their harmonies provide less intimacy and more the feeling of one lead singer backing up another. And though the emotions never run too low or too high, the album both in lyrical and musical content has a consistent ‘easy-going’ tone, despite a few sonic misfires drawing attention to lead sound-alike instruments being made louder and jumping out of the mix, rather than changing the tone and making the song brighter or darker. One should keep an eye out on this duo and their future releases that will hopefully get the special sleek production polish it feels their well-crafted songs deserve, but for now it’s the strong performances of those well-crafted songs that will make David & Olivia a favorite at any local winery.

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