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ALBUM REVIEW: Dirt Wizard: ‘No Son of Mine’

Dirt WizardKicking No Son Of Mine off with a powerful, gritty guitar introduction, leading into “Amis Tabu” the energy for the rest of the EP is set. It’s loud, it’s surprising, and hits you like a ton of bricks. The lyrics are good, though you may have to really try to hear them, but in many ways, this track showcases Dirt Wizard as a ’80s hair-metal-esque band, with some unique elements.

“Fleas” seems to slow down a little bit, allowing the band’s collective talents to mesh beautifully, before jumping in with a startling vocal. Imagine listening to screamo over a classic rock instrumental, and you have the image. Instrumentally, this song pleads to be put on the expert level of garage band, vocally, it doesn’t match as perfectly as it should. However, the track is saved by the amazing guitar solo. If it doesn’t shake you to your core, I’m not sure how else to describe it.

Close behind, “Ged of Earthsea” has a unique title, to say the least, and the sound that follows is pretty unique too. There’s a more classic rock feel to the song, with a group vocal that sounds like it was recorded as a demo in the ’60s. Something about that is magical, but there seems to be a balance missing in the volumes of the instruments versus that of the vocals. Either way, it’s an enjoyable track.

“Devil’s Velvet” does not consist of the velvety tone, the seductive turn of phrase and plucking of the guitar as you might imagine, but the song is a stand-out on the EP. With the edge the track carries musically, and the fantastic harmonies of the vocals, it’s hard to resist.

Finishing off with “Seasons of The Sun,” Dirt Wizard finishes off with as much of a classic rock feeling as they began with. With images of action stars stalking off while grabbing weapons, preparing for the fight that will end it all, this song is fit for a soundtrack. It’s in-your-face, aggressive, and somewhat catchy.

At first, I completely admit, I wasn’t sure how to react to Dirt Wizard, but in all truthfulness, there is something almost intriguing about the music. Granted, this will not be the lullaby to send you off into a blissful sleep, but it is something you’d want to listen to when you’re mad as hell and you want to have fun and get excited about something; let go of some of that pent-up energy. Overall, a great introduction to Dirt Wizard.

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