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ALBUM REVIEW: Dyniss ‘The Second Fistful’

Dyniss The Second FistfulEvery now and again the writers at Infectious will be so impressed with something outside our normal coverage, that we can’t help but share it with you. Such is the case with Toronto based singer-songwriter, Dyniss. Now, normally this is the part where I’d tell you who Dyniss sounds like, draw some comparisons to other artists, and hope you might grasp onto that and take a listen. But the truth is, he genuinly doesn’t sound like anyone. Though there are touches of influence from David Bowie to John Mayer in his delivery, the incredibly unique style of spoken word mixed with cool melodies is, in short, relatively unheard of.

While his live performances involve entering the audience to ask them questions directly (“What is your greatest fear?” “Who do you miss?”) The Second Fistful” takes the responses of 43 participants, resulting in a 40 minute journey, full of catchy tunes, alongside thought provoking questions.

Prior to each song you’ll hear a brief “speakquel”, in which Dyniss prefaces the listener with background information on the song and the question posed to participants. Once the song plays, we hear a myriad of whispered answers among Dyniss’ pop infused melodies.

There’s no denying that this unusual delivery can take some getting used to. But after a while, it’s rather captivating. Not only are you getting great music, but you’re getting a peek into someone else’s life. And if you’re really ambitious, you’re challenging your own beliefs, because it makes you think. It forces recognition, and introspective examination as you think “What would my answers be?” And if it makes you a little uncomfortable, then all the better. Because these are topics that deserve to be touched upon. Topics that deserve your attention.

All in all, Dyniss’ The Second Fistful is an album designed to challenge your current state of mind. It’s not something to be listened to while hanging by the pool, and it’s not something to jam out to as you ride to your next party. It’s an articulate, thoughtful piece of art that deserves every bit of your attention. It demands an interested, introspective, innovative audience, and if I’m being honest, it deserves every bit of those things.

You can keep up with Dyniss on Facebook and grab a copy of The Second Fistful here.


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