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ALBUM REVIEW: Falling In Reverse ‘Fashionably Late’

Falling In Reverse Fashionably LateAs far as albums go, Falling in Reverse’s Fashionably Late has been seriously buzzed about. After the release of the remarkably different sounding first single, “Alone,” and front man Ronnie Radke’s tumultuous, ever-changing relationship with his band mates, both negative and positive hype has been swirling around this album release. Finally, after what seems like eons of anticipation, Fashionably Late has—for better or worse arrived.

For many, Falling in Reverse is a guilty-pleasure compromised between heavy guitars and poppy melodies. Their 2012 album, The Drug in Me is You, offered a delicate balance of both. Fashionably Late, however, is a completely different animal. Combing a motley mixture of metalcore, pop, rap, and dubstep, Falling in Reverse deserves an A in originality. Some songs like “Born to Lead”, “Self Destruct Personality”, and “Fuck the Rest” are more true to classic form: screaming intros, shredding guitar solos, and a general “rock and roll” attitude. They are catchy, with enough musical toughness to satisfy the alternative cravings.

With that being said, songs like “Alone,” the first single released off the album, come out of left field. An electronic riff plays throughout the entire song and Radke’s rap interludes strongly differ with both the band’s image and earlier work. With the rap contrasts a growling pre-chorus, melodic chorus, and insanely auto-tuned bridge. Whether “Alone” is simply trying too hard or is a brilliant artistic testament to almost every genre of popular music; I cannot say. I also cannot deny that it seems to grow on you the more you listen to it. The über-poppy, electronic sound of songs like “Game Over”, however, could easily be confused with an up-and-coming boy band. Needless to say, the line between fun and downright immature was flirted with a couple times during the album.

All in all, I really liked Fashionably Late. There are many songs that stay true to form and also many that show guts and creativity. Most of the album reminds me of why I became a Falling in Reverse fan in the first place: they manage to emit a carefree vibe while also proving their musical chops in the process. The newer style choices will inevitably take some getting used to, but at least Falling in Reverse dares to go against the genre’s norm. From start to finish, Fashionably Late is an unpredictable, entertaining ride, but… could we really have expected anything less?

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