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ALBUM REVIEW: Far-Out Fangtooth ‘Borrowed Time’

Far-Out FangtoothInitially conceived as a fanzine way back in 1987, Siltbreeze Records founder, Tom Lax, has spent a sizable chunk of his efforts rummaging through the blot of the noise-rock landscape as artists such as Halo of Flies, The Dead C, Strapping Fieldhands, Mike Rep and even Guided by Voices, have all sprung up seemingly overnight from the obscurest of depths to achieve cult-worthy prominence amongst followers of his label. One must hand it to Lax, whose hyper-vigilance for said artists may have never reached fruition elsewhere had it not been for his eclectic preferences. Enter: Borrowed Time, the second long-player from Far-Out Fangtooth.

Following up on their 2011 debut, Pure & Disinterested, an album that strayed from the beaten path into amp-worshipping territory, the quartet’s latest record continues its onslaught, this time with an effervescent murk that rumples the hard edges. At first glance, the decaying green and red hues of the album’s cover subtly emit Fangtooth’s twilight-induced psychosis that soon comes full throttle within the first couple moments of the opening track, “Bow Your Head.” The song teeters on the brink of pagan-bombed witchery with a mystical froth and tribal stomp not felt since the late ‘80s New York blast-rock of Live Skull and Band of Susans. As the fist-pounding ruckus trudges forth in gobs of buzz and raggedness, a searing guitar line rips through the song’s clouded exterior while echoed vocals barely croak below its gauze-soaked surface.

Down the stretch, “Scalp” will leave hair standing on end, while the shape-shifting howls of “Stretch/Lips” and “Get Around” add rather potent fumes to an already toxic exhaust. While it’s not exactly breaking news that the underground circuit in recent years has enjoyed a resurgence amongst fuzz-rock revivalists thanks to acts such as Times New Viking, Sic Alps and Thee Oh Sees, the inclusion of Borrowed Time into the sequence warrants yet another notch in its eroded belt line.

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