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ALBUM REVIEW : Filmspeed ‘Hexadecimal’

After debuting their single ‘I Feel Alright’ through Substream Magazine, the three-piece California rock band Filmspeed (Craig Broomba (vocals, guitars), Nick Stout (bass, guitar, backup vocals), and Oliver Dobrian (drums, backup vocals)) are gearing up for their new album release this fall. The new album titled Hexadecimal will be released on October 13th, 2017 via Awfully Good Records, bringing the band’s unique and soulfully charged sound in hopes to emotionally move their listeners. Hexadecimal follows up two previously released albums, 2014’s Heavy Decibels, and 2013’s El Japo.

Filmspeed successfully created an album that merges various genres and music styles, as the 11-track album includes elements from genres such as new wave, hard rock, grunge, and pop rock. From getting the chance to listen to this album myself, I was super excited to see where all these elements came together in Filmspeed’s work. Right off the bat, the opening track “Anywhere But Here” has a high energy dance vibe that one just can’t help but move to. Paired up with loud guitars in the chorus, it’s a strong favorite of mine from the start and kicks off the album on a high note. I was also so surprised at Broomba’s vocals, as I instantly got a classy old school rock vibe… and it paired so amazingly well with the themes of Hexadecimal. Where this really shines is the track “Why Don’t We”, back with the punchy guitars, Broomba’s vocals just marry so well with the instrumentals. “I Feel Alright” also caught my attention, as it was the first single released, but it also has an insanely catchy drum beat/guitar intro that I guarantee will get stuck in your head for days.

Hexadecimal is for sure a unique album, with many tracks that deserve your full attention such as the ballad “Love Me Like Tomorrow”, edgy “Going For Broke” and the album’s closer, “Everything Is More Fun In The Dark”.  For an indie/alternative fan, this album will cross a lot off your list of things you adore, from catchy lyrics with emotion to some great guitars and a blend vocal ranges, it has it all. Hexadecimal is an album you don’t want to miss out on, as it blends genres and stands out within the alternative genre as something entirely unique.

Follow up with Filmspeed through the band’s |Webpage| or social media channels such as |Twitter| Facebook|Instagram|.

Hexadecimal is currently available for preorder through |ITunes|.


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