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ALBUM REVIEW: Fine Fine Titans ‘Omega’

Fine Fine Titans, "Omega" albumThere’s no denying that the music industry (and pretty much every other industry these days) can sometimes seem predominantly male. But then little rays of light shine through and remind us that women are moving up the ladder and absolutely kicking ass in the process.

Case in point: post-harcore band Fine Fine Titans, hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Female-fronted by Jennifer Bartlett, she proves she can rock with the best of them, especially on Fine Fine Titans’ newest album, Omega, out April 8th. With a range of vocals – from screams heard often in post-hardcore music to beautifully sung ballads – Bartlett joins the ranks of other acclaimed vocalists in the genre, such as Otep Shamaya and Lacey Sturm formerly of Flyleaf, that provide a refreshing dose of female empowerment that I absolutely love.

Bartlett’s range of vocals and the talents of all the bandmates of Fine Fine Titans are showcased magnificently on the 5-song Omega. First track “Dance of the Omega” starts the album with an entirely rough and in-your-face sound that exemplifies just how hardcore FFT can be, as does the following song, “The Chauvinist,” and much of the album. It is, however, in the third and middle track of Omega that a gem different from the rest emerges. “Fahrenheit Diaries” takes the opportunity to slow things down a bit and give your ears a break (not that other songs were bad, because they weren’t). What I enjoy most about the vocals of “Fahrenheit Diaries” – and even the vocals throughout the entire album – is that, unlike many female vocalists that I’ve heard recently, Jennifer Bartlett’s voice is deeper, more intense, and impeccably matched with the tones of the song. I would be more than happy to listen to Omega on repeat for hours.

You can purchase a CD (download) of the album here on Bandcamp.

For more updates from Fine Fine Titans, including links to upcoming shows and to buy concert tickets visit the band’s website, here.

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