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ALBUM REVIEW: Framing Hanley

Framing HanleyFraming Hanley’s long awaited third album, titled The Sum of Who We Are, is finally here! But it wasn’t without a few hiccups along the way, which would explain the almost four year stretch between now and their last release, A Promise To Burn, in May 2010. From the departure of bassist Luke McDuffee in August, to some legal issues with the album that lead to postponing The Sum of Who We Are‘s original October release date, Framing Hanley has had their hands full. But the group pushed forward and with the help of their fans donating to Kickstarter to help fund the new project, the finished product is nothing short of a job well done.

The Sum of Who We Are starts off with the single “Criminal,” which really showcases Framing Hanley’s sound, followed by “Twisted Halos.” With lyrics like “We are all a little wicked, Heaven sent and halos twisted,” fans of All Time Low would enjoy this fast paced, punky tune. There are certainly a few slower ballads within this album. “Castaway” for example, is one of my favorites and would appeal to those who liked their song “Fool With Dreams” from their previous record. Other standout tracks include “Crash and Burn,” “No Saving Me,” and “Science,” which could totally be the soundtrack to some sci-fi flick or video game.

 The rest of the album is filled with similar sounding songs to “Collide” and it is all very reminiscent of Fall Out Boy and Angels and Airwaves. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sure, you’ve probably heard music like this before, but if you like that type of music, then there is always room for more! By 2014, pretty much every type of music has all been done before, and it is hard to actually find an artist that is entirely new and unique. As listeners, all we can hope for is that these bands write music that is truthful and from the heart, and paints us a picture of a little glimpse into their lives. Framing Hanley has done exactly that, and they prove that they are much more than just “that one band that covered Lil Wayne’s song  “Lollipop.'” More importantly, their honest, relatable lyrics prove that the sum of who they are is also the sum of who we are.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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