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ALBUM REVIEW: Fritz Montana ‘Scaredy Cat’

Fritz Montana 'Scaredy Cat' albumAt first listen, vocals from singer David Marshall will sound freakishly like Jack White and the band’s sound like that of the White Stripes (a compliment by all means, my friends). But with their own brand of blues and other combinations of indie sounds, Fritz Montana’s newest album Scaredy Cat not only mixes Jack White with a bit of Taking Back Sunday, (which let me tell you is actually a fantastic combination) but also brings forth an incredible sound that makes for an excellent listening experience.

Having formed in early 2013, releasing their self-titled debut EP in May of the same year, Scaredy Cat is a marvelous sophomore album for Fritz Montana. This 7-track follow-up EP further proves the band’s intriguing sound (despite my aforementioned likening to other musicians) and aids in their ability to make a name for themselves within the indie rock genre.

From the beginning, this album is all soul – soul felt in all aspects of Fritz Montana’s music but especially in the Marshall’s vocals. “Let You Down” and “My Body Does It All,” while right at the beginning of the album, both demonstrate the band’s amazing musical stylings, though they also remind me the most of Jack White/The White Stripes. However, the way these guys play music is easy on the ears, fun to listen to, and some even quite catchy; a good trifecta to have in the makings of a great album. No offense to all things White, but sometimes the White Stripe lyrics deflect from the music itself; Fritz Montana does not have this problem.

One of the catchiest tracks on the album is the title eponymous track. The best way to describe “Scaredy Cat,” as well as “Bad Enough,” (my personal favorites), is that there is a hint of surfer, beachy sound – think Weezer’s “Island in the Sun” for reference, especially for “Bad Enough.” It wasn’t hard at all to imagine myself walking down or hanging out on a boardwalk with these songs playing in the background. And when I can easily incorporate a song into my “life soundtrack,” that’s personally how I know it’s successful. Another notable track on Scaredy Cat is song, “Fever.” With a guitar sound quite different than others on the album, it’s definitely a standout track. I would also be lying if I said I didn’t like “A Long Way Out” and after a few listens, have already started singing/humming along to the track. An excellent conclusion to the album in my opinion. For good measure, the only song I haven’t mentioned – “Feel It In My Bones” – shouldn’t be left out. Do I even need to say at this point that the entire album is worth your time? ‘Cause it is.

All things said, fans of The Black Keys, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, and of course Jack White will enjoy Fritz Montana. Even if you’re not, though, I’d recommend giving Fritz Montana at least one listen. Do yourself a favor and broaden your musical horizons with these gents!

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