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ALBUM REVIEW: Frnkiero andthe Cellabration ‘Stomachaches’

Frankiero andthe Cellebration 'Stomachaches' albumIn the days of yesteryear — also known as the early 2000s — a little band called My Chemical Romance owned the alt rock scene. Or at least shared the spotlight with other marvelous bands at the top of their game in the decade. With brothers Gerard and Mikey Way being the most well known of the various lineups for the band throughout the years, a guitarist and vocalist by the name of Frank Iero would be the third peg of the trio of guys that would make up the consistent MCR band members throughout its musical career (the other two being the Way brothers). Although MCR sadly disbanded in 2013, Iero is also the lead singer of Leathermouth and has recently released an album with his new solo project, Frnkiero andthe Cellabration, called Stomachaches.

Aptly stylized in a form similar to that which was utilized by Internet users for years, especially at the start of the new millenium, each track on Stomachaches has a period at the beginning and end of the title. For example, the first song on the album is called “.all i want is nothing.” This, alongside the intriguing spelling of the band name, definitely stirs up recollections of our teenage years.

But the reality and truth behind the album is the way Iero used the music to cope —  he turned a room in his basement into a makeshift studio and visited it whenever he felt pain in regards to his digestive issues. He turned those literal stomachaches into Stomachaches, and in the process has become an inspiration for so many people. When you consider that Frank Iero played every instrument on the track other than drums (which were done by established hardcore drummer, Jarrod Alexander), his time in the limelight as a solo act is well deserved.

Musically, many might argue that many of the tunes and tones of Frnkiero andthe Cellabration are similar to MCR. It definitely does makes sense considering Iero played with the My Chemical Romance for 11 years; the sound was bound to rub off and similarities are almost expected. But I would say they’re lying, and it shouldn’t deter you from listening to Stomachaches. The music will definitely make you nostalgic for the days of music past, but Frank Iero makes his solo music entirely his own. Stomachaches is fantastic dose of punk rock equipped with slightly muffled vocals and at times a noisy barrage of instrumental sound, incredibly raw and totally reminiscent of underground rock bands. No doubt it is an acquired taste, but interesting to listen to nonetheless.

Tracks worth listening to (otherwise known as my favorites of the album) include: “All I Want is Nothing,” “Weighted,” “Blood Infections,” “She’s the Prettiest Girl at the Party and She Can Prove It with a Solid Right Hook,” “Stage 4 Fear of Trying,” and “Guilttripping.”  With these, you will get a lovely mix of both the noisy and the downtempo gems of the album, of which the album has a surprisingly good combination.

To purchase a CD or buy concert tickets, look no further than the Frank Iero website, here.

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