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ALBUM REVIEW: Ghost Town ‘The After Party’

Ghost Town 'After Party' albumHigh energy and a haunting theme is what you’ll find from electronic rock band Ghost Town’s new album, The After Party, out June 17th. Called an “audio and visual movement ahead of its time” on their Facebook page, as well as said to “[cater] to the young generation of today while keeping true to the underground scene they come from,” The After Party was definitely an interesting album as a first time Ghost Town listener. From what people would call a sort of “emo” sound that the band encompasses, to the references made in the songs and song titles (you’ll see what I mean in a second), The After Party sure is a… well, party.

With an intro reminiscent of classic horror movies that then morphs into the futuristic electronica that is Ghost Town’s signature sound, “Acid” is great first track that really does set the stage for the rest of the album. The vitality of the song gets your blood pumping and gets you stoked to hear the rest of what the album has to offer. “You’re So Creepy” similarly supplies wolf howls preceding the beats to what is essentially a goth girl anthem. My secret inner goth loves it and is resisting the urge to wear thick black eyeliner and black nail polish once again.

The more downtempo tracks, “Carnival” and “Under Wraps,” provide excellent variety to an already intriguing album. However, “Black Moon” is truly the most unique of all the downtempo found amongst the 11 tracks. It’s eery tones really add to The After Party’s overall tone and I find it fantastic.

For a demonstration of band member Evan Pearce’s use of electronics, “That’s Unusual (Jump)” is the song to listen to, as it is the one song to include a genuine instrumental solo. However, I think we can all attest to the idea that the entirety of The After Party establishes Pearce’s marvelous contributions.

Despite the appreciable talents of Ghost Town, I also was simply entertained by the motif of the album despite the fact that I can’t think of a legit word or phrase to wholly describe it (other than it just reminds me of Halloween). Even though things like “Dracula” or “Hocus Pocus” make an appearance, as well words like “weird,” “unusual,” and “creepy,” The After Party is anything but those words. It’s fun, it’s catchy, and it’s basically the perfect soundtrack for a party or rave. Let’s throw a party (an AFTER party) and crank it up!

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