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ALBUM REVIEW: Golden Youth ‘Quiet Frame; Wild Light’

Golden YouthWe all know that feeling when a movie starts, as the introductory music begins and the title credits scroll along the screen; it’s almost a nervous feeling: you want the movie to be great, and you’re listening to see if the music will give any indication. From beginning to end, Golden Youth give you that feeling. If their music were featured on the trailer of a film, you’d want to see it. If it were in the movie, you’d know during the opening credits that it was going to be great. On Quiet Frame; Wild Light, it’s near impossible to not fall madly in love with each track.

Golden Youth start you off with the soundtrack-worthy “Life Through a Keyhole.” It’s short, it’s sweet, and is a great introduction to Quiet Frame; Wild Light. Parts of the other songs are layered into it, which makes it all the more beautiful.

If To Write Love On Her Arms needs a new anthem “We Are Alive” may be it. Musically, it’s fantastic—from the beat to the melody, I cannot fault it, especially on the bridge, where the lyrics truly shine alongside the steadily increasing rhythm.

“You” has a sweetness to it that is endearing and light. This is the other track that I may have to say is my favorite. The lyrics are ridiculously clever, all going along with a steady beat and quick violin that plays like magic in your ears. This song feels like childhood musically; there’s innocence to it.

“Brother In The Morning Light” may be my favorite, because I am a complete sucker for well-timed stomps and clapping.

“Seven Seas” is a love song to the core. It’s the anthem for the couple that’s been through hell and back together, who have been apart but never separated, who support each other no matter what. As someone who isn’t really into love songs, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I enjoyed the declaration of “For all time, you are mine,” and the sweet melody of the track.

“I Was a Lark” is pure poetry. As I have been throughout the whole of Quiet Frame; Wild Light, I am amazed by the vocal abilities of Stephanie Lauren and Kyle Monroe. They’re the duo you don’t want to go up after during open-mic night or when at a karaoke bar, because they stole the show—and quite rightly!

Keeping with the theatrical sound and finishing the record off, “On Wings” begins and, truthfully, it stunned me into shock. It’s melodic and entrancing, and the lyrics read like poetry. When the song kicks in, and the drums start up, it’s impossible to resist. “On Wings” is just beautifully timed and so well done.

If you couldn’t already tell by the rest of the review, Quiet Frame; Wild Light is stunning. There is a quality to it that every record should have and I find myself thoroughly impressed with it. If you haven’t already, please take a listen to Golden Youth—it will be the best decision you make all week, I guarantee.

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