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Tears on TapeIt’s dark, brooding, lyrically masterful, and as mesmerizing as the country it comes from. Tucked into 40 minutes of beautiful darkness comes HIM’s latest album, Tears on Tape. And for HIM fans new and old, this one hits the spot.

“Unleash the Red” opens the album, teasing the listener with light, foreboding instrumentals (with a dash of hope, of course). But from the second “All Lips Go Blue” hits my ears, I can’t help but smile. After three years of silence, rumors, accusations, and anxious speculation by fans, HIM is back. And they mean business.

Screeching guitar and thunderous drums flood the album, and while I’m hesitant to compare and contrast, I hear traces of Love Metal and Venus Doom, with less of the electronics we came to know in Screamworks: Love In Theory and Practice.

It’s always been HIM’s brilliant lyrics entwined with poignant instrumentals that drew me in. Poetic, dark, heart wrenchingly honest, and truly thought provoking in nature, fans will be happy to know, Tears On Tape is no exception. Pouring heart and soul into their music once more, HIM find balance in melodious tracks like “Tears On Tape,” while “No Love” brings their signature passion. Though it’s tracks that find the middle ground, such as “Hearts At War” (a personal favorite) and  “Love Without Tears,” that make the album such an amazing work of art.

As the closing track, “Kiss The Void” brings the album to an eerie halt, I’m suddenly jolted back into reality. Captivating, beautiful, and gloomy in the best possible way, I’m not yet ready to leave the world Tears On Tapehas created.

Luckily, there’s a repeat button for that.

You can purchase a CD or vinyl of ‘Tears On Tape’ here and buy concert tickets here!

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