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ALBUM REVIEW: Information Society ‘Land of the Blind’

Information Society's 'Land of the Blind' album
Information Society’s ‘Land of the Blind’ album

Information Society’s new EP, Land of the Blind, is unlike anything out there. How, you might ask? Well, do you know of any other 6-song album that is essentially multiple different versions of the same song? Land of the Blind marks the reunion of the original Information Society founding members (from 1982), and with an album like this, it looks like they’re taking things slow to get back into the swing of things. Land of the Blind was released March 4, and  is, however, meant to be a teaser for their new album, _Hello World, coming out Summer of 2014.

The original single “Land of the Blind” is an electronica/techno/synthpop song that at first is reminiscent of Gary Numan’s “Cars” in both sound and vocals, but, once you get past this resemblance, it actually has a great beat and has more of a hard rock feel than most others in the genre – something this listener definitely prefers.

Moving on to “Marco Carnaval and Paolo Jeveaux Club Mix,” it seems the band is playing to their fan base in Brazil, Mexico, and Spain, with a beat that could be described as a flair fit for Carnival itself. The added instrumentals and the variety of sound shows the various talents Information Society has with synth, bass, and keyboard.

I felt that the “Aesthetic Perfection Mix” was very similar to the original single and has the same run length as the original to attest to this. It doesn’t add much extra other than a different layering sounds and beats of the track.

“Whiteqube Mix” adds a heavier sound than the rest, relying a great deal on speaker-rattling bass and synths. However, there are lighter elements within the song that keep the track from becoming too overwhelming.

Finally, the “Inertia Mix” is the one mix on the album that provides a sound entirely different from the others. Starting off with an air of dramatics and being the longest track on the album, the “Inertia Mix” might actually be my favorite of them all.

Rounding out the EP is a B-side called “Me and My Rhythm Box.” This entirely robotic track splices together various… well… robotic sounds and vocals. It adds a little something to the otherwise repetitive EP and provides other material for listeners to sample, but it also feels slightly out of place, almost like an afterthought. For me, the album would have been complete with just the mixes, but I understand why this final track might have been added.

Needless to say, the various mixes of Land of the Blind would be incredibly useful at a party, club, or rave – not played one right after the other, though. Listening to them consecutively, it becomes hard to decipher one from the other. But separately, each mix really isn’t too shabby.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets from Information Society here.

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