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ALBUM REVIEW: Instead of Sleeping ‘Young Lungs’

Instead of Sleeping 'Young Lungs' albumMusic lovers who are fans of The Academy Is will like Instead of Sleeping. No, that isn’t a new way to say that you’ll be losing sleep (though would we really complain when it involves good music?) – Instead of Sleeping is an indie rock band from Pittsburgh, set to release their newest album, Young Lungs, on May 22nd. Although they channel a bit of William Beckett and his accompanying band, Instead of Sleeping adds a elements to their music that put them in a league all their own. With a sort of light, ethereal tones together with experimental techno/electronica, Instead of Sleeping provides refreshingly original songs on their 8-song album, despite any comparisons I have made.

“Volatile,” while it is a term that could potentially have negative connotations, is actually a perfect one for Young Lungs’ first track and also a word I would use to positively describe the album as a whole. The lyric “I crave the volatile” is fantastic in my opinion, illustrating the band’s unpredictability in their music/sound that truly keeps you listening. As a person that seeks out words of wisdom in everything (books, movies, music; you name it), craving that volatility is also pretty great philosophy-wise, even if the song itself seems to be referring instead to a volatile relationship. Regardless of the song’s message, the melodies are fused wonderfully with the percussion.

With more synth/electronic tones, “The Ones” and “Speak Into Me” demonstrate two successful ways to add those tones to music. While both are definitely very fun and catchy songs, they are contrastingly upbeat and downtempo. Of all the songs on the album, I would say that “Volatile” and “The Ones” are my favorites.

Rounding out the end of Young Lungs, “South Side Girls” and “Ammo” ease you through the conclusion of the album. “South Side Girls,” although it is not necessarily downtempo, its beginning reminds me a bit of a 1950s/60s ballad before it becomes a light charming song. On the other hand, “Ammo” is the sole purely acoustic track on the album. There’s something about this song that is eery and intriguing. The emotion of the vocals, combined with the rawness of the track, makes for a riveting end to a great album.

Overall Instead of Sleeping’s third album Young Lungs yields a variety of fun beats, beautiful melodies, and precisely the right amount of electronica. This album is perfect when you’re looking for some easy listening, and fortunately it comes just in time for summer.

Fun fact: The creation of Young Lungs was funded by Kickstarter!

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.


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