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ALBUM REVIEW: Jodi Good ‘Definitely Different’

Jodi GoodDebut EPs are usually a tricky business; it’s an artist’s official introduction to their audience, the prospective listeners who are just finding out about them. Of course, some EPs are good, and some aren’t that fabulous. However, Jodi Good’s debut EP, Definitely Different, is unique (no pun intended), and a pleasure to listen to.

The title track of the EP immediately kicks in with edgy piano and and soft percussion. Each line is cleverly planned, illustrating who Good is as both a person and an artist. There is something about this song that has a sound reminiscent to another generation musically, which increases the enjoyment when listening. It’s both a well-made title track and a smart way to kick off the EP.

“Loving Into Leaving” carries on the very honest persona displayed by Jodi Good. The guitar on this song is entrancing, and probably the thing I love most about it, though the lyrics come a close second. This is what most people would turn on in the midst of a break-up, or a relationship that has become unloving. For those who enjoy acoustic melodies, this is perfection.

“Stranger To Me” has an almost-country edge to it. If you’re not automatically intrigued by the title, you will be as the song goes into the haunting and melodious chorus. The track is like a calmer counterpart to one by Miranda Lambert, but there is something that stands out. Underneath the calm melodies and chords, there is an anger simmering quietly, expressed through eloquently delivered vocals.

From the get-go, I will admit that my favorite song on the EP is “Skin and Bones.” The lyrics are relatable and empowering. It’s well-written and catchy. In my head, I see this being played in the acoustic booth at Warped Tour with listeners milling around, thinking about how they need to get to another show, but finding their feet planted to the ground.

“Where Did We Go Wrong” is presented finally, bringing with it the feeling of disappointment following a break-up, and the ideas that will never come to life. Good expresses the heart-wrenching feelings well, with enough emotion that a film cannot help but form in your mind.

Jodi Good has produced an EP that takes the agony of heartache, no matter where it comes from, and uses it to paint every word with realism and empathy. Overall, I was impressed with Definitely Different. It’s enjoyable and the perfect gift for a friend who’s feeling a bit blue and needs to wallow a bit. It covers every stage of a relationship gone south, and for a debut EP, it’s done beautifully.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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