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ALBUM REVIEW: Kris Angelis ‘Heartbreak Is Contagious’

krisangelisWomen in music are great. Women in music with incomparable talent are fantastic. Women in music with incomparable talent and a story to tell are what’s going to save the world.

Today’s woman in question is Monterey, California’s singer/songwriter/gem Kris Angelis. She’s moments away from the release of her new EP, Heartbreak Is Contagious, and trust us, you want to get a countdown going.

You’re introduced to an acoustic, sweet sound on “Heartbreak Is Contagious”, the EP’s title track. The song only speeds up for it’s hook-filled chorus, featuring echo-y vocals that make you feel like the whole performance might be going on in the middle of an enchanted forest. Angelis’ voice is in full force on the song, but every time a higher note slides into the sheet music you’re taken to another world—the same happens every time she rapts “help me try to understand what’s going on inside your head.”

Angelis paints a gripping picture in “Built This House”. Listen along as an elegant but decrepit house, built to fall, is created with a charged lyrical delivery. This leads to the last song on the three track EP, titled “Kevin Bacon” (because why not?) A little happier than what we’ve heard so far, sugary sweet lyrics lead along a slow, but still danceable, beat. It captures the feeling of the first few weeks of a relationship, and is sure to highlight that point in time during your next one.

In short, if you’re having a very terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, Kris Angelis’ Heartbreak Is Contagious is sure to sweep you off your feet for a sweet ride that’ll make your day—or more accurately, week.

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