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ALBUM REVIEW: Lacey ‘Outlaws’

LaceyNo time for messing about; skip the small-talk, Lacey jumps right in with the opening track of the EP, “Hometown.” With an incredibly catchy beat, it’s hard to resist immediately bobbing your head to the beat. Each line seems to be relatable; most people can honestly admit they want more out of life than what they’ve got right now. Such as wanting to get out of their hometown, and feeling like the only way to get it was to get away from the place you’ve been forever. Honestly, this is the anthem for anyone who has big dreams in a town that could fit on a postage stamp. The raw edge in the vocals, courtesy of Graham Turner, really give the track that little extra something.

“Contender” is beautifully bittersweet. The melodies, the guitars playing off of each other (an amazing musical dialogue performed by Josh Lewin and Pete Maksymiw) make this song as wonderful as it is. It’s poetic, romantic in an almost-tragic sense, and just the repetition of “Get up, get up,” and the build up of the music alongside it is stunning. Hands down my favorite track on the EP.

Following along with an infectious energy, “Burning Out” is the kind of song that reminds me of being nine years old and listening to my first alternative rock song. It’s that moment where your ears almost seem to perk up, and suddenly, there’s a beat (in this case, provided by David Pearson), there’s a breath, and suddenly, these lyrics are flying out of your speakers at a rapid pace that makes you want to learn every line. Something about this track reminds me of that moment. I couldn’t explain what it was if you paid me, but it’s there. Added points for those catchy group vocals!

“Let It Go” is not unique in its message—letting go of something that is pointless to hold on to—but the way Lacey presents it, it may as well be a brand new concept. It’s fun, filled with this fantastic energy, and above all, would be the perfect end to a live show, with the lights flicking left and right. The drums on this track are also phenomenal.

Outlaws acts as a brilliant introduction to the Nottingham-based band. If this is the first time they’ve ever graced your ear drums, based off of this, it won’t be the last time at all.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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