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ALBUM REVIEW: Living With Lions ‘Some of My Friends Appear Dead To Me’

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living with lionsLiving With Lions needs to tour with Blink-182, and that is a fact. Their EP, Some of My Friends Appear Dead To Me, is everything that Blink’s 2011 release Neighborhoods should have been. However, Living With Lions is far from a carbon-copy of pop-punk icons Blink-182. They’re an entirely different band that give a new feeling to what it means to be “pop-punk.”

The EP begins with “Scarred,” a high-energy, catchy track that automatically pulls you in. This seems to act in place of a title track, with the line “Some of my friends appear dead to me,” repeated following the chorus. One thing that really impressed me with this song is the lack of dominance of one instrument; each is showcased prominently, accompanied by lyrics that are both clever and infectious. This may be my favorite on this EP; there’s something about it that appeals to me and reminds me of jumping like a crazy person at Warped Tour.

“My Winter Vacation” opens a little bit softer in comparison to “Scarred,” but there is an interaction between the band that translates musically, especially in the chorus. The energy picks up and it’s impossible not to enjoy the track.

Finally, “Between The Trees” kicks off, which has a fantastic balance of both angst and victory. The bridge is entrancing, with a musical soliloquy featuring only bass in the background. “I can’t escape this mess I’ve made,” Chase Brenneman belts, as the music once again picks up. That part alone will have you pressing the repeat button, as it did for me.

Overall, Some of My Friends Appear Dead To Me features tracks that I can see being perfect live. The performance given by Living With Lions is amazing and feels natural. While listening to the EP, I can honestly say it resonates like a live album, making it a perfect addition to any musical collection.

You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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