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ALBUM REVIEW: Machines Are People Too ‘Nickels & Dimes’

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1207I pressed play on Machines Are People Too’s Nickels & Dimes without any expectations. But by the time the EP had finished—I was sold.

As a self-proclaimed synth pop junkie, I was captivated with the band’s ‘80s infused nostalgia which still holds the electronic currency of today.  Fans of Youngblood Hawke, Walk The Moon, and Passion Pit, get your iPods ready!

Nickels & Dimes opens with “Get Up,” a track that easily brings to mind a time when things were simpler, as children laugh and clap in the background.  Its catchy beat and uplifting lyrics captured my attention immediately, and I couldn’t wait to hear what was next.

“Wait” comes rolling in like a Pretty In Pink explosion while songs like “I’m Alright” and “Do What You Love” flirt energetically with the philosophies of living life how you want to. There’s no doubt I appreciate the lyrical content.  There’s a satisfying feeling to being understood and this band without a doubt hits that nerve.  With lyrics like, “I might be broke but who cares? You can’t put a price on what you believe” and “don’t lose hope, you gotta do what you love,” my heartstrings were played and I liked it.

I always say that if an album can make you feel a thousand different emotions at once, then it’s a success.  Nickels & Dimes does not fall short of that notion.  The final song, “Can’t Keep Running” is the perfect ending to a five part journey that I want to travel repeatedly.

I highly suggest picking up the EP on iTunes for a bonus track called “Our Time.”  I guarantee you’ll feel like you’ve been given the best pep talk ever after listening to this tour de force.


You can purchase a CD or buy concert tickets here.

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