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ALBUM REVIEW: Matthew Vincent (The American Scene) & Alexander Correia ( The Tower & The Fool) Split

Matthew-Vincent-Alex-Correia-2013I admit to openly liking split EPs, when I know a lot of people don’t. One listen to the Matthew Vincent and Alexander Correia split, and I was hooked, and I know any anti-split listeners will fall madly in love as well.

The split begins perfectly with Matthew Vincent’s “Wicked Thirst,” a beautiful acoustic track that will immediately captivate listeners. Each line is filled with stunning emotional depth. It’s a well-written piece, painted with lyrics resembling poetry, and music that is nothing short of fantastic.

Vincent continues with “Sad Eyes.” Something about this song has a soundtrack-quality vibe. Essentially a love song, Vincent manages to pull at a few heartstrings, as both desperation and surrender can be heard within the lyrics, and even the melody itself.

“Muslin” is like being a little kid again, wrapped in a blanket, surrounded by people you love. It’s warm and it’s comforting. I admit, the song is a far cry from a boppy pop-punk tune, but if you don’t have a desire to listen to it again and again, I dread to think what’s on your iPod currently.

The next half of the split consists of Alexander Correia’s creations, beginning with “I Run With The Haunted,” allowing the split to transition smoothly between the two artists. The track has a nostalgic feel to it, reminding me very much of some of the greats from the ’90s. However, it’s fresh, and soft, but with a large amount of emotional/philosophical weight. Something about that just makes this ten times more enjoyable in my eyes. The music is completely entrancing, and the lyrics do exactly what lyrics are intended to—give insight into how humans feel.

“Let It Ride” is very metaphorical, but it’s far from over-done. Correia has a singing voice that is familiar, especially with his tone featured here, but there is something so raw about it; new and vibrant.

The split closes with Correia’s “Corinna,” which has a country-blues feel to it, most prominently showcased in the first few bars. When Correia’s voice merges with the instruments during the bridge and the chorus, it truly finishes off the split perfectly.

Overall, I found the split enjoyable, because the artists were similar in the vibe presented, but not redundant. There was a distinct difference in the tones and the material presented. That’s the way a good split should be; versatile and entertaining. While Matthew Vincent has a bit more of a folksy edge to his sound, Alexander Correia has perfected the indie sound.

You can purchase a CD or vinyl of the split here and buy concert tickets for The American Scene here and The Tower & The Fool here.

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